Saturday, September 26, 2009

MC Escher - Hand With Reflecting Globe - Finished

Well, it still needs a mat and a frame, but the stitching is complete.

Of course I had to put my Escher magnets in the picture...

I have larger versions of those same magnet designs framed on the wall, and the cross stitch pattern to stitch 'Reptiles'.

At the moment I plan to only cross stitch the original set of patterns that were produced by Cross Stitch Collectibles. I have 10 of those patterns, and I love that they have limited the color palette.

I'm sure that 'Engineer' and 'Mosaic' will be the next two of his designs that I cross stitch.
And since they are all of similar size, I will probably wait to frame them till they are all completed.

Thanks again to Susan, for helping me, and understanding the frustration of finding that last pattern. Only another stitcher could understand. I'm sure that there are more at the bottom of some sale pattern bin, in some shop somewhere.... but you went above and beyond to help me get the last of the best.


Susan said...

AMAZING!!!! This is a awesome finish. You are soooo welcome for the help - it was the least I could do for you - you help me so much too.

MarchAnn58 said...

Oh my goodness this looks wonderful. You did a great job.