Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two More Pages On Escher Mosaic

Two more pages stitched, six of fifteen completed on this Escher Mosaic cross stitch. Just couldn't resist stitching a couple more pages again. Still need to finish off other projects, but I have managed not to start anything new.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Mon Ami Pierre - Elena Sampler - Framed

The 'A Mon Ami Pierre - Elena Sampler' framed.
An 11 x 14 frame from Target for $14.
Still just love the look of this sampler. Two more samplers left to frame... but one of those I still have to finish stitching. The other is waiting for the paint to dry on the frame.

Happy Hearts Sampler progress

A couple of nights of progress on BOAF - Happy Hearts Sampler.
The man's hair was changed to the same color as his pants.
I don't want to put the same letters in the hearts, but I haven't figured out an alternative to personalize it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Winter Sampler from LHN - Framed

Winter Sampler from Little House Needleworks framed.
Again, not a great photo, but it will have to do.
$4 frame from Target. Still more framing to do.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home from Bent Creek completed

Home from Bent Creek in a frame from Gordman's.
Total cost to frame, $5.
Terrible photo, wonky angle and flash. The photo is just a quick snap for my records. Out of sight is out of mind. House is yellow, and the door is blue, to match mom's house.

Four Pages Done

Four pages done. Time for this project to be set aside, and finish a few other projects.

I bought the material and floss for the next Escher project. So I can't be away from this one too long.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Pages Complete

Three pages completed of fifteen. Should have the fourth page completed today.
I want to finish up some other projects, but I really don't want to stop and restart later in the middle of a page. 14,040 stitches in four pages. 49,200 in the pattern.

I still just love stitching these patterns. Nine colors, from black to white, and amazing shading.
The photos don't do the pattern justice.

Need to frame a few, and finish a few others. And NOT start anything else.
But there are several that I'd sure LIKE to start....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish

Still don't have a page completed, but I do have four pages started. 15 pages in the pattern.
It's weird, but at least I don't see 20 more just like it on the other stitching blogs.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starting the next MC Escher pattern - Mosaic

Really, I just wanted to see if I had a scrap of material large enough to work with. Suddenly, it seemed like the perfect size. Since I still had the floss from stitching the other pattern, the needle was threaded, and stitching began.
I started in the middle of the pattern, which I don't like to do, and it took me about half a page before I realized that I hadn't stitched the grid. A 15 page pattern, and no grid. This should be interesting. It feels like I'm not centered on the material, so I should do some counting before I get much more stitching done. This pattern has much more white and lighter grays compared to the last pattern, making it not as relaxing to stitch on 25 count white lugana.
Since the next pattern has a majority of lighter stitches, it will be a true test in patience for me.
This is a small section of page 7, and most of page 8.
It is really neat to see it change from just odd stitches here and there, into beautiful subtle shading as you fill it in. I loved that about stitching the first MC Escher pattern, and I loved it as the same thing happened while stitching around the eye of this animal. It seems to take every last stitch in place to bring areas to life. Since I am still missing so many stitches in this first photo, the pattern at this point still has a very rough look to it.

CCN's Geranium House

Just had to start another project, so that I got more than one project out of my weird scrap piece of material. Geranium House from Country Cottage Needleworks fit on a section nicely.
Now instead of a 'T' shaped piece, it's more 'L' shaped.
Going to omit the date and initials, and mirror the left side to the right side...
Added the pomegranate floss to the window frames, used the darker brown for the roof and lettering. Going to change the border flowers to pomegranate also.
Just need to stitch the one flower, the fence, and the border.