Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starting the next MC Escher pattern - Mosaic

Really, I just wanted to see if I had a scrap of material large enough to work with. Suddenly, it seemed like the perfect size. Since I still had the floss from stitching the other pattern, the needle was threaded, and stitching began.
I started in the middle of the pattern, which I don't like to do, and it took me about half a page before I realized that I hadn't stitched the grid. A 15 page pattern, and no grid. This should be interesting. It feels like I'm not centered on the material, so I should do some counting before I get much more stitching done. This pattern has much more white and lighter grays compared to the last pattern, making it not as relaxing to stitch on 25 count white lugana.
Since the next pattern has a majority of lighter stitches, it will be a true test in patience for me.
This is a small section of page 7, and most of page 8.
It is really neat to see it change from just odd stitches here and there, into beautiful subtle shading as you fill it in. I loved that about stitching the first MC Escher pattern, and I loved it as the same thing happened while stitching around the eye of this animal. It seems to take every last stitch in place to bring areas to life. Since I am still missing so many stitches in this first photo, the pattern at this point still has a very rough look to it.

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