Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - Still...

Yep, Still Scarlet Ribands.
Just over 35 yards of floss so far, or 7 - 5 yard skeins.
It measures out at 11 x 11.5 on 28 count evenweave, stitched one over one.
Changed the second owl to also face to the middle. Changed the top right motif to not have a triple side border stitches.
I'm getting really burnt out on stitching it, and really not doing much else. Stitching two motifs a day is a lot, but I keep trying to use up the floss and figure that I'll get a break if I have to order more floss. I can use a skein every other day, but that's really way too much stitching to be doing. Progress will probably start to slow down, there are just other things to do.

Still watching Upstairs Downstairs. I only have the end of series 5 to watch yet.
It's been one of the most interesting series I've ever watched, and I'm totally hooked on the characters. It stands the test of time well considering it's a period series done in the 1970's.
Series 5 hasn't been my favorite, but I think in the first four series that every episode was a winner in some way or another. The election episode was the first clunker for me, but the fact I got to series 5 before I got a clunker says a lot about a series. Now I'm close enough to the end of the series that I'll hang with them to the end, and watch that reunion / anniversary show again.
Wish that I could have seen the spin-off series, as they also were great characters.
If you want to watch a good series, try the first four episodes of the series, to get a feel for it.
By then you'll either be hooked or have no interest in it. The first episodes are black and white because of some labor issue or something where it was filmed at the time which makes the show seem older than it is. It's doesn't take too many episodes before they are all in color.
I can't imagine what it would have been like to have had to have waited a week between episodes. It's easy to see that it would have been something that everybody would have been talking about. As a rule, I always say that I hate period dramas, but this and Lost In Austen have totally made me break that rule this year.
Never say never.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - On and On...

Scarlet Ribands goes on and on...
This is nearly 30 yards of floss, and thirteen days progress.
Decided to reverse the owls on the bottom ends to face the center instead of facing outward.
Only 20 more yards of floss left, and I'm betting that there isn't enough. Used 6 of the 10 so far.
Just trying to complete the lower border with the same dye lot, and balance in the next dye lot.

Just like the Weeks Bordeaux floss, this Weeks Strawberry Fields floss also seems to show a different color depending on the light and the time of day. I don't think that it would be as noticed if it were in a small design or mixed with other colors. I don't recall ever noticing that in any design that I've stitched with dmc floss.

I've been watching the old series 'Upstairs, Downstairs' as I stitch. Never saw it before, and it has been really enjoyable to watch. They had me hooked after the first series, and I'm starting the third series now. I expect that it will take me all 65 episodes to complete Scarlet Ribands.
Watching the special at the end of the first series did have a few too many spoilers in it, so I do know what to expect and wish that I didn't know what was coming. I don't like period shows as a rule, but I'm enjoying the series, and hope that I have the complete series.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scarlet Ribands update

Scarlet Ribands continues....
Into the fifth skein of floss, so 23 yards or so.
Still can't tell if 50 yards is going to be enough.
Still leaving the text to do last.
Changed the reindeer for reasons that are obvious on the original pattern photo.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scarlet Ribands progress

Scarlet Ribands at just over15 yards of floss and a weeks time.
Sure doesn't seem like 50 yards of floss will be enough, so I'll have spread out the first 50 yards, and mix in the rest to get a better color balance. The chances of the dye lots matching are probably zero.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scarlet Ribands Continues

Time to move the hoop, time for a photo.
Used over 10 yards of floss so far.
Still trying to complete a motif a day, but there seems to be more and more stitches in each motif.
Maybe it just feels that way.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scarlet Ribands

Here's the start of Scarlet Ribands from Long Dog Samplers.
On 28 count white evenweave, with Weeks Dye Works Strawberry Fields floss.
This is three days, and just over 5 yards of floss. I have 50 yards, and I'm not sure if that will be enough, so the plan is to skip the text till the end, so if it's slightly darker of lighter, it will still work. I've already decided to leave off the cat and mouse. The goal is to complete one motif a day. And I've already added a few stitches here and there to please my eye, but I'm hoping that this is a chart that I can just stitch, and not want to change or alter.
Should finish at 11.5 inches square. The photo will never do the color justice, it's an interesting pink.

BonJour Update

A bit of progress on BonJour. I'd like to change most of what's in the remaining open areas to something other than the pattern has, which is going to take a lot of computer time. There just were too many more of the same letters in the space, and hopefully I have enough options available to try to replace what's there, and not have it feel like it was chopped and pieced.
If all else fails, I can return to the pattern design.
And I still have the second one of her patterns to stitch in the same color, but I just can't decide whether to follow the pattern or change it, and so progress is slow.

The Last Of The Stash

This is the last of the stash, and the projects to come.
I'm not ordering anything more unless it's fabric or floss to complete the patterns that I have.
Enough is enough, more is just more, and I have enough.
Still want to try designing a few of my own projects.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Arbre Aux Oiseaux Positif - Finished

Finished stitching the A Mon Ami Pierre design Arbre Aux Oiseaux Positif.
On 28 count China Pearl jobelan, dmc 902, one over one.
Design area is 5.25 x 7.5 inches.
Without original pattern text, with added tassel design, design centered in border pattern.
Used 14 yards of 6 strand floss.
Started last Sunday, finished on Friday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Progress on Arbre Aux Oiseaux from AMAP

Progress on Arbre Aux Oiseaux from AMAP.
Borders and the left side to do yet. Just over 8 yards of floss so far.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AMAP's Arbre Aux Oiseaux Positif

Here's a couple of days of progress on Arbre Aux Oiseaux Positif from A Mon Ami Pierre.
When all else fails, start another pattern.
On 28 count China Pearl Jobelan, one over one, dmc 902 floss.
I'm not yet through the first 8 yards of floss. Should finish out under 6 x 8 inches, but I don't remember the exact numbers.
So far it's been a pleasant pattern to stitch, and seems to progress quickly.
Omitting the pattern text, and adding the altered border and spacing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Multiplication Sampler Progress

Progress on Multiplication Sampler.
Took 10 yards of floss just for the multiplication table, and almost another 5 for the rest of the alphabets, numbers, and trees.
Still needs text at the top of the design, and the sides of the table, but the sizes of the lettering of the text isn't consistent, so I'm considering fixing it. It's to a point that it's going to need some drawing to figure out what needs to change. I think it will get set aside for the moment, I'm just kind of tired of looking at it.
Weird floss seems to change from dark red, to maroon, to almost a grape reddish purple depending on the lighting in the room, and the time of day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Start Multiplication Sampler

Stitching Multiplication Sampler.
Stitched on 28 count antique white jobelan, Weeks Dye Works Bordeaux floss, one over one.
Looking for a new quote to put at the bottom of the design. Interesting math quotes are few and far between, especially if they need to be a size that will fit onto this sampler.