Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Alphabet Sampler

I could use a few stitchers opinions. Above is a photo of the bottom half of an alphabet sampler that I've been trying to design. So far nothing is set in stone, and I can still change everything.
Sometimes when I look at a pattern, there is an obvious mistake, or something looks really out of balance. I'm wondering if I'm overlooking something obvious. I'd like to start to stitch this part of it, but I'd really like a few opinions from other stitchers. It's my first attempt at a full design, but I change everybody else's designs, so I'm wondering if this looks odd to other stitchers.

Just not enough time to finish her yet.
And I know that I want to change the butterflies, and the text will be omitted completely, and the top border will still be stitched. I have a plan, but the butterflies will be the challenge.

1 comment:

Blu said...

I'm not a sampler person, but it looks balanced and spaced nicely to me.