Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Started - With My Needle

Started 'With My Needle'. This is the pattern on 28 count white evenweave. I started the pattern on 28 count natural light jobelan, but natural light jobelan is almost exactly the same color as the light rick-rack color in the center section of her skirt, and also the light color of the tulip flower. It also made the swirls almost blend into the background like flocking on wallpaper. It's a completely different look from white, but would have needed some thought as to changing a couple of the colors to something slightly different. I took the easy way out, and started over on white. Still managed to mix up the chart symbols for a few threads. It hasn't been a smooth pattern to stitch for me. It's my first time stitching a Goode Huswife pattern.

Oh, and I gave the woman a mouth. She just looks like a woman with a lot to say.

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Sandra said...

You're making very good progress, I hope it gets smoother as you stitch more!