Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bernadette reversed - progress photo

Bernadette reversed progress photo.
Thought that laying them out together would be an interesting photo. And since one is complete, and one is not, it's not just a flipped image. It's more obvious that I'm stitching the pattern twice.
But for some reason, the photo just strikes me as creepy. Maybe because it's not completed.
We debated if there was a preference for her facing one direction over the other before I started, and thought we would both preferred the one on the left, but didn't really know why.
The original pattern is on the right side.
*** I re-drew out the pattern to get the reverse image. I suppose with a scanner and computer I should be smart enough to mirror the pages without drawing it all out stitch by stitch, but I wasn't.

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Blu said...

They both look great!
So did you just photocopy the pattern reversed?