Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Dog Sampler - Paradigm Lost - Framed

Long Dog Sampler's Paradigm Lost. Finished and framed today.
This just became the never ending project. The date on it is 2007, and most of it was stitched in 2007, but then I didn't like the small alphabet and wanted to change that. Then other things just needed slight changes. I omitted the fussy stitching in the motif on the bottom left because I notice the birds more with the open areas.
I finally realize that this was never going to be my favorite pattern, and that I just needed to finish stitching it, and move on. Probably a lesson I need to remember. Yep, even the photo isn't that great, but it's done, framed, and ready to hang, and I'm moving on.
Stitched with DMC 930, on white 28 count evenweave, one over one.
Stitched and framed to match and hang with Long Dog Samplers Mouline Rouge.

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