Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Splendor I - Start

Started Splendor I from The Heart's Content last Wednesday. It came with linen and floss, but I don't care to stitch on linen, and it was dmc 902? floss. So mine will be on China Pearl 28 count jobelan, with dmc 814 floss. I needed a square sampler for a corner of a sampler wall, and I'm hoping that this will work, and not take me forever to stitch.

Thank you for the comment about my sampler drawing. I did move the design up one row because my spacing was off. I still don't have a clue what will be on the upper part of the pattern. I just keep thinking of all of those little girls designing samplers a hundred years ago, and that I should be able to design just one. At least I won't have a teacher standing over me.

As a note to myself, I can probably skip buying more patterns from this designer. There have been too many fussy little mistakes in the areas that I have stitched. I have stitched her 'Flossie' pattern a long time ago, and another of her flower patterns that was stitched with silk on gauze. Just can't justify the extra cost of her patterns, especially with mistakes in the pattern.
I wanted to stitch a pattern of hers again, but this will be the last one.

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