Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Here, A Little There

Finally stitched together the little scissors fob. It's a little smaller because the backing had a broken thread in the material, so it had to be smaller than where the break was. White silk ribbon was all that I had in my supplies. It works.

Tried to stitch 'The Gilded Cage' from Barrick. It calls for two very close reds for the flowers, bird and border. As I stitched the bird, the two different reds don't show, so it needs to just be restarted with a couple of slightly different colors. I kept the little scrap to show that the dmc floss colors really just doesn't work together.

Started Trudy's Flower from Elizabeth's Garden. Just need to finish the other half.

A little frustration here, a little bit of progress there.

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