Monday, April 5, 2010

Live Laugh Love - Finished

Live Laugh Love from Primitivebettys - Finished.
Stitched one over one, on 28 count Cameo jobelan, with charted dmc floss.
Started Saturday April 3, finished Monday April 5.
Changed a few stitches here and there.
Finished size is 6.5 x 3 inches.

A couple of odd things I noticed.

This pattern is 3 inches - Mares Eat Oats was 3.5 inches.

While putting away floss, I noticed that my new 370 floss was very close to 371 in color, and my older 370 floss was much darker. The same thing came up when stitching Pumpkins and Peacocks. When I used my old stash of floss for the peacocks, they were a very nice gray. With the new floss, they were more on a white scale than a gray scale.
Anybody else noticing this with other patterns and dmc floss??? I've learned to expect the sliding colors with the hand dyed flosses, but not dmc. I do realize that they've changed a few colors over the years, but are dmc colors shifting all the time now too???

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