Monday, May 24, 2010

MC Escher - Mosaic - Finished

Finished stitching MC Escher's - Mosaic.
Started October 2009, and finished May 2010, but it wasn't the only pattern being stitched.
Stitch count is 240 x 205, so 49,200 stitches total.
Stitched on 25 count lugana, one over one. Used 9 different dmc floss, from black to white, in shades of gray.
Stitched without using grid-lines. Mostly because I forgot to stitch the grid-lines before I started to stitch the pattern. Having stitched Escher once with grid-lines, and once without, I'll take the time to grid the material for future large solid patterns.

Finished design size is 9.5 x 8 inches.
Yes, it is still an odd design to stitch. You don't see this pattern in every stitching blog.
I have enjoyed stitching the Escher patterns, and love to watch the designs come to life with details.

Pattern was 15 pages, and with some effort, I could stitch a page in three days.
I do miss color after three days of grays. It's not a problem that I would have thought about when considering stitching an Escher pattern.

Watched way too many Dark Shadows episodes while trying to finish stitching this.
I read that the next 'Tim Burton - Johnny Depp' movie will be Dark Shadows, with Johnny Depp playing Barnabas Collins. I'm still in the early Barnabas section of the series, but it has been great to stitch while listening to it.


Blu said...

Congratulations! It looks incredible. Escher's pictures are so much fun.

My Handworke said...

WOWZER!!! I love it!!!

claire93 said...

well done !!!! really stunning