Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Christmas Sampler 1999 - finished

Christmas Sampler 1999 from Barrick Samplers - finished.

This didn't come out at all as I expected.
First the two colors of the trees are DMC 733, and DMC 734. In real life, the colors stitch as nearly the same. In the photo it looks like two colors, and this is a terrible photo.
Second, there is an off white, cream color that is added to the tree bases, and the stars.
That didn't work for me at all, so it was un-stitched from those areas.
I'm not going to bother with the border stitches.
It's just one of those patterns that doesn't look like you expect it to look.
I'm glad it happened on a small pattern and not something big with lots of stitching.

So what have you stitched that you were disappointed in??? And why???

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Viooltje (Violet) said...

Oh dear... (the photo looks ok... colourwise, that is LOL)
I've this in my huge-stash-to-be-stitched.
Thanks for the warning.

I'm (amongst many other projects) stitching CHS-HoHRH at the moment and I'm sometimes disapointed in (the dmc conversion of) the colours.
I'm stitching block 6 now, esp. the white gate over the ecru tree annoys me.
(not yet online)

Helen Bell's dmc colours are on the otherhand wonderfull!
(in my opinion, and IRL)

I just received the first of the BBD Anniversaries of the heart series, I was dissapointed with the tiny chart on such a large (yippie) leaflet/booklet/card-thing.
My working copy will be enlarged!

why not comfort yourself with the start of another chart...