Thursday, July 29, 2010

Painfully Slow

It just seems like it is painfully slow progress at this point.
I did add the icons at the end of the alphabet above the big number.
The empty spot is for my initials, but it seems like it needs something more than just the initials, so that part isn't settled yet. Need to just stitch the parts that aren't changing.
Guess I need to finish stitching that "X" too... oops!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Simple and Beautiful

When the local grocery store is selling roses for $6 a dozen, I needed roses.
( That 12th rose is hiding behind another rose. )
Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something simple and beautiful.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Keep Stitching

It's starting to look like an alphabet sampler finally.
There will be something at both ends of the long alphabet above the big numbers - what I had in the design looked too heavy.

This is just over 24 meters of floss.
Five alphabets and two number sets completed.

It measures exactly 14 inches from side to side. Stitched one over one.
Works in the frame from side to side, but still don't know about top to bottom yet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time to move the hoop

Progress photo while I move the hoop to the next area.
Still 90 degrees in the house at midnight.
Nearly to the left hand side, and the other corner.
I still don't think I'm halfway yet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Total So Far

Total So Far -
16 meters of dmc floss
2 completed alphabets
2 competed number sets.

It's not going very quickly. Slow and steady.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Filling it in

Filling in my sampler. Stitching the side border helped to define the side.
Only one completed alphabet of at least nine alphabets - still a long way to go.

Bought a frame for this project, so I'm committing to the finished size.
I hope that the frame will fit, but I have to finish stitching two sides to know for sure.

Long Dog Samplers - Do Bears - Framed

Long Dog Samplers - Do Bears - Framed.

11 x 11 inch frame from Kohls - $12.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Progress on Sampler

After 3 days of stitching, it's coming right along.
This is the first 8 meters of dmc floss.
Making lots of little changes as I stitch.
Still hard to see what it will look like overall, especially when I'm not done drawing it yet.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Progress and a New Start

More progress on St. Sylvestre.
The photo before this has two different wheel arrows, because I changed the pattern on one side, and not the other. This photo has that mess cleaned up, and also a pattern error fixed. I'm sure I didn't even notice the pattern error the first time I stitched it. ( Pattern error is on page 1 - left side arrow swirl )
Actually I'm stitching it upside down, so I'm stitching pages 1 and 2 even if it looks like 3 and 4, and that only adds to my confusing descriptions.

Just had to start stitching my alphabet sampler.
My thought is that if all those little girls had to make samplers, then I could too.
So it's my learning sampler. Those first few stitches were scary. The leaf border is going to take forever to stitch, but I love the leaf border.
What I'm sure I will learn from this is about spacing, but after a few stitches, especially in red on white, there's no changing it. I'm sure I could have tightened up the design overall, but learning where to tighten and still keep it all in balance is part of the trick.

Skipped TWO whole days of stitching over the weekend.
Redesigning the other sampler is a nightmare, because there are so many errors in the original pattern.

Friday, July 9, 2010

St Sylvestre - progress continues

Quick update on Friday, so I can skip posting on Saturday.
This is 10 yards of floss so far. This is the second time I'm stitching this pattern.
I still love stitching the arrow bars and arcs.

I have the frame ready and waiting, so I'd like to finish this.
But the Sheepish Design looks like it might be easy to finish too.

Running out of Dark Shadows to watch. Watching the first 209 episodes at the moment, and have seen 150 of those now. Ah - Life without cable tv.

MC Escher - Hand with Reflecting Globe - Framed

Hand with Reflecting Globe from Cross Stitch Collectibles and MC Escher - Framed.

Cost to frame - $14 for the 11 x 13 frame from Kohls and $1 for the black suede, black core mat.
$15 total.

Not a great photo, but it took 24 photos to get one without a flash on the glass.
Hooray - they are finished and framed.

MC Escher - Portrait of an Engineer - Framed

Portrait of an Engineer from Cross Stitch Collectibles and MC Escher - Framed.

Cost to frame - $14 for the 11 x 13 inch frame from Kohls, and $1 for the black suede, black core mat. $15 total.

He's still my favorite.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MC Escher - Mosaic - Framed

Mosaic from Cross Stitch Collectibles and MC Escher - Framed.

Cost to frame - more than usual, because I needed a piece of black suede mat.
So I paid a crazy $10 for the frame sized mat, and $14 for the 11 x 13 inch frame from Kohls.
$24 total. Ouch. Well, the cross stitch pattern was free, maybe it averages out.

AMAP - Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Framed

A Mon Ami Pierre - Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Finished and Framed.

From the final stitches with the needle in the morning, to fully framed before dark.
Cost to frame $7. Frame from Gordmans.

Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Finished

A Mon Ami Pierre's Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Finished.

Stitched on 28 count antique white jobelan, one over one with Weeks Dye Works - Strawberry Fields floss. Used approximately 9 yards of 6 strand floss.
Finished size is 5 1/2 square.

Changes? Little stitches here and there, nothing really worth mentioning.

Started drawing out letter "D" sampler from Gigi.
I've always wanted to add more letter 'd' or 'D' of random fonts to the pattern.
Also add 'D' words or motifs.
So yesterday I drew a Duesenberg automobile motif for the pattern.
( I'll bet you could read every stitching blog, and I'm the only person drawing out a Duesenberg motif for a sampler. )
I recently started listening to a couple of french mp3's and the titles to those songs will work and be part of the design.
Anything that I can add that makes it more personal - the better.
So words like 'for Donatella' ( who's Donatella??? ) and 'Welcome' will be omitted from my version.
Long way to go before the first stitch.
D is a large design - stitch count is 450 x 352.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Start

Start of AMAP - Alphabet Hornbook Noir.
Stitched with leftover Strawberry Fields floss, on scrap of 28 count antique white jobelan.
Started out with 20 yards of floss. Hope that will be more than enough.
I never have a clue how much floss something will take.

I didn't think I'd like this combination of fabric and floss. But I'm trying to use it up, and wear it out. But the more I've stitch it, it's taking on a very feminine soft feeling.
I suppose it's all the pink and flowers.

This should fit into one of the 7 inch frames that I bought this week.

Willow Tree Sampler - Framed

Framed and finished Willow Tree Sampler from Barrick Samplers.
First personalized tribute sampler to a woman that I never met.
$5.00 5 x 7 frame from Target.