Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Finished

A Mon Ami Pierre's Alphabet Hornbook Noir - Finished.

Stitched on 28 count antique white jobelan, one over one with Weeks Dye Works - Strawberry Fields floss. Used approximately 9 yards of 6 strand floss.
Finished size is 5 1/2 square.

Changes? Little stitches here and there, nothing really worth mentioning.

Started drawing out letter "D" sampler from Gigi.
I've always wanted to add more letter 'd' or 'D' of random fonts to the pattern.
Also add 'D' words or motifs.
So yesterday I drew a Duesenberg automobile motif for the pattern.
( I'll bet you could read every stitching blog, and I'm the only person drawing out a Duesenberg motif for a sampler. )
I recently started listening to a couple of french mp3's and the titles to those songs will work and be part of the design.
Anything that I can add that makes it more personal - the better.
So words like 'for Donatella' ( who's Donatella??? ) and 'Welcome' will be omitted from my version.
Long way to go before the first stitch.
D is a large design - stitch count is 450 x 352.