Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Progress and a New Start

More progress on St. Sylvestre.
The photo before this has two different wheel arrows, because I changed the pattern on one side, and not the other. This photo has that mess cleaned up, and also a pattern error fixed. I'm sure I didn't even notice the pattern error the first time I stitched it. ( Pattern error is on page 1 - left side arrow swirl )
Actually I'm stitching it upside down, so I'm stitching pages 1 and 2 even if it looks like 3 and 4, and that only adds to my confusing descriptions.

Just had to start stitching my alphabet sampler.
My thought is that if all those little girls had to make samplers, then I could too.
So it's my learning sampler. Those first few stitches were scary. The leaf border is going to take forever to stitch, but I love the leaf border.
What I'm sure I will learn from this is about spacing, but after a few stitches, especially in red on white, there's no changing it. I'm sure I could have tightened up the design overall, but learning where to tighten and still keep it all in balance is part of the trick.

Skipped TWO whole days of stitching over the weekend.
Redesigning the other sampler is a nightmare, because there are so many errors in the original pattern.

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Felicity said...

Both pieces are very impressive!