Saturday, August 7, 2010

Doesn't Look Like Much

It sure doesn't look like much, but it's the start of Escher's Drawing Hands.
Completed the first page of 15 pages, or 2500 stitches of 49000.
The corner of the sheet of paper.

I thought that stitching all that white on white would drive me crazy, but when you pointed out that stitching black on black might be worse, it made me laugh, and I had to agree. Stitching black on black would be a bigger nightmare for me.

This pattern called for 40 meters of white, or 5 skeins of dmc, and so my teeth are clenching thinking about all those white stitches. The past patterns have been accurate, so I expect it will use most of that 40 meters.

I gridded the fabric for this pattern and also the next Escher pattern out of the same 17 x 28 - 25 count lugana. So about $4 each for fabric since I could split the fabric down the middle.
As a reminder to myself - stitched the grid with Coats and Clark black quilting thread.
It's heavier than regular thread, and doesn't bleed onto the fabric.

It took about 3 days to do the first 300 stitches, and try to find that stitching groove again.
I still haven't found that groove yet, but it's getting better.

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