Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Sampler - Finished

First Sampler - Finished.

Stitched with dmc 815 floss, one over one. Used 42 meters of floss.
Stitched on antique white jobelan 28 count.
Finished size - 13.75 x 11 inches.

Okay, for the confessional.

Calling it 'First Sampler' shows no imagination, but I have to call it something.
First implies Second. Since I'm pretty happy with the actual stitched version, I'm pretty sure that I'd give it another try.
The only point that I goofed was to not notice the missing 'I' in the top alphabet till after I stitched the 'H'. So the top alphabet could have been centered better, but unless you are really nitpicking, it's not real obvious that it's not perfectly centered.
I've always liked the red lions, and had already drawn them into the pattern when I re-watched the British version of Pride and Prejudice. When they all go to the first dance, the carriages are shown outside. The name of the place where the dance is held is 'The Red Lion'. Even though I've seen it several times, I didn't remember that.
Couldn't include a date on the sampler - it just didn't look right, or looked like a memorial.
My initials are in the center. Tried to fill in around them with more flowers and leaves and vines, but it looked too busy. I'm not thrilled with the initial area, but I do like the letter font, and maybe I could have done something different there, but the initials are simple, and they work.
I couldn't believe how many fussy little changes I made while stitching. Since the patterns was drawn out, I expected very few changes, and I was wrong. But each of the fussy little changes I made to my pattern made it just a little bit better.

Thanks to Susan for letting me bounce my ideas off of her. Having a fresh, honest opinion was helpful.

For my first shot at laying out an entire pattern, I'm very happy with the finished project.


Blu said...

Lovely finish! It's been fun and interesting watching you come with this. I think it's amazing how you've done it.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I was glad you were nice enough to leave your opinion when this was still just a drawing way back in January.
Knowing that it wasn't completely goofy looking or out of balance was enough to keep me messing with drawing and stitching it.