Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh So Slow

Not much more to show - only one day of actual stitching.
Did get to the local needlework shop, and bought Weeks - Mocha for the woman's hair.
It's also used on the bird, and on some abstract flying birds, all things that I haven't stitched yet.

And I noticed that the text is stitched over one according to the pattern directions.
Since I'm stitching the whole thing over one, I'm sure that will hang me up when I get to that section. Till then I can enjoy stitching other areas, and not even think about it.
I'll fuss with the text till I can figure something else out when I get to that section.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Start of Keep Me Sampler

Here's my first progress photo for the 'Keep Me Sampler' from Moira Blackburn.
I love her designs, and this is the first pattern of hers that I've stitched.

I've really enjoyed stitching this so far. The poor woman has no hair at the moment. I think that the color called for looks green, and I'm not ready to give the woman green hair.

Stitching it on 28 count even weave, one over one. The pattern has some text at the bottom, and to be honest, I haven't looked yet to see if stitching the rest of the pattern over one will goof me up when I get to the text. Pattern calls for some Weeks and some DMC floss, and so far I'm using what the pattern calls for. If I get to the text and it's a problem, I'll just change that.

It should finish under 9 inches square.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

C30 Alphabet UFO

Here's the progress photo for the UFO that I was working on.
I rounded the corner, and added a couple of letters.
It's going to have to spend more time in the UFO pile because where I'm stitching, the light really isn't nice enough to relax while stitching on black.
Just as a note to myself, the last time I worked on this was June 2009.

Out of a random grab of floss, patterns, and fabric, I've found a nice project to work on while I'm here. It's always fun to start something new.
But I'm still learning that trick about finishing what I start...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Acknowledge Failure

Because it's nice to celebrate victories, it's also good to acknowledge failures.
So since I'm tossing this into the burn pile, I need a quick photo and to write why so I don't do the same thing in the future.
The plan was to use the same colors as Frederick for Frederika. Make the border diamonds match to tie them together. Stitch it on the same green lugana.
The plan was good, but somewhere things started slipping. The wing color wasn't going to pop. The leaf yellow, which is also the sun yellow, slips into the green. I laid out the bird floss, but when stitching the bird, the colors just are not working for me.
So it took about 12 days to get me this far, and I'd rather burn it than think 'yuck' with every stitch. It's not the pattern, it was my color translation that is the failure.

So I'm stitching on another UFO, and working on finishing the berry border on it.
And I didn't think - 'yuck' - while stitching at all today.

It seems like every lamp at my mothers house has 40 watt bulbs to stitch next to.
Finally found a 75 watt bulb, and I can stitch a little more.