Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Lines...?

Still slow, but still enjoying stitching it.
Love the flowers on the vine along the sides.
Getting to spend a few hours stitching and watching Dark Shadows has become my very favorite time to relax. Had to re-watch the 23rd set again since I'd forgotten where I was in the story.
Watching the 24th of 26 sets now.

I keep trying to think of some movie line to substitute for this sampler text.
Has to be short. The only movie I think of when I see the woman standing next to the house is "Gone with the Wind". The line - 'I'll never go hungry again', just doesn't seem right.
Haven't seen 'Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte' for a while. Seems like she stood outside a grand house in a few scenes.
Any ideas for classic movies with a woman standing outside a grand house with a short classic line of dialog?

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demeter83 said...

Gosford Park's got a lot of standing around outside houses, but I can't think of a quote off the top of my head... what about something austen like?