Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End

This is where the year ends for my stitching. Still not much progress on the sampler.
I started a crochet project because I needed something that was easy to take with me if I was waiting or away from home. Trying to balance charts, and floss, and not lose my scissors, and also count stitches - I just can't manage to cross stitch anywhere else but at home.
I think that I also just love that total relaxation and exhale of stitching at home, with all the stitching stuff exactly where I like it.

So I started a crocheted pineapple table topper. It was a pattern from my grandmothers stuff, and her row counts and scratch marks when she completed rows are all over the pattern pages. I've stitched the pattern before, it was my first try at crocheting something from a real pattern, and not just granny square blocks. I remembered stitching it years ago, and enjoying it.
I had one extra stitch when I started the pineapple sections, but I thought that was still pretty good considering I really don't know how to crochet, and reading crochet patterns still feels like I need a translator. I'm pretty much self taught.
Above is the progress so far of the crocheted pineapple table topper.
The safety pin marks where my round begins and ends.
Here's a photo of the completed version. This one has been thru the washer and dryer, so it's smaller than it originally started. It's already been handy to look at this one to try to figure out parts of the pattern again.

I'm still planning on cross stitching in 2011. I know that it would be nice to make a list of what I completed this year, and what I have started that needs to be completed. The time that it would take me to make lists is time that I could be cross stitching, and that sounds like a better idea and a lot more fun. So off to stitch.

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Blu said...

Wow! What gorgeous crochet! Both your grandma's finish and your WIP!