Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back to 'Drawing Hands' by MC Escher.
Finished the bottom left hand page, started the second page of the middle row.

The black grid threads were bleeding onto the white, so I pulled them all out and washed it. I think the lines that still show will disappear once I stitch over them.
This is never going to be my favorite Escher to stitch, so much white to stitch and it's just not as detailed.
I'll have to figure how to put some of the grid lines back. It's so much easier to stitch with the grid. I used black quilting thread before, the weight of the thread works nicely, and it hadn't bled on the other three that I'd stitched. Maybe ecru or a natural quilt thread if I have some.


demeter83 said...

I don't know what count you're working on, but if it's a bigger count (18 or lower) then you could try Easy Count - I think that's what it's called. It's a red, almost plastic thread that doesn't bleed and you can't accidently stitch it in. I bought it a while back and love it on lower count projects, but in higher count I find it doesn't stitch in as well.

I know I've seen the the past that you're not massively enjoying this, but it does look brilliant!

Just Me said...

Demeter83 -
It's either 25 or 28 count, one over one. I'd never thought about something other than regular thread or quilting thread. I've seen some people use those wash out markers, but I don't trust a marker, especially with all that white on white. Maybe I'll have to think harder - Your comment about plastic makes me think that metal DMC spool floss might work, and not bleed...
Hmmmm.... Thanks!