Monday, January 31, 2011

Nearly 10 pages complete

Not quite done with that first page, but it's supposed to snow, so I'm posting the update photo now. Nearly 10 of 15 pages complete. Just the top 5 pages left to stitch.
I stitched the grid back in using more DMC quilting thread. It's either Ecru or Natural.
I think it's 256, and I can never remember what that number is. It shows up against the white, and it's enough to let me get a few stitches in each box, then I pull the threads out of the area that I'm working in anyway. Maybe the answer is to just grid for the page I'm working on, not the whole project.
I thought that maybe one of the metallics would work nice as a grid, but what I have in my stash isn't any good for that. I might just not have the right stuff in my stash. Even the clear plastic thread, especially if it comes in a smoke color, not clear. But maybe not if I iron it sometimes.
I was at the local fabric store this morning, but totally forgot to look.

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