Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 of 15 Completed

12 of 15 pages completed.

I feel like I'm stitching my heart out, and still only getting a page done in a week.
I'm so close to the end, and I'm just trying to grit my teeth and finish it.

It seems like a good year to finish things I've started, and this will be the hardest one on that list. I don't have a clue what other stitchers do when they start a large project, and then it's just not what they expected. How far do you go? Do you throw it away or just in the drawer? Or do you grit your teeth and just finish it, and promise that the next thing will be something that you love the design or pattern?

Are stitchers all gritting our teeth while we stitch sometimes?

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demeter83 said...

I've had pieces that I've had to really grit my teeth on. At the moment I'm actually quite lucky and enjoying everything that I'm stitching, but it's not always the case.
It's often things that I stitch for other people that I have to grit my teeth through. Because it's something that I've chosen for someone else I don't warm to the design as much and that makes stitching a real struggle.
Also I've got a piece that I'm working on at the moment (Winter's MAjesty) I absolutely love the design, but I had a major falling out with it. It took me nearly a year to get the first page done just because I really couldn't warm to it, it was relaly fiddly, really confetti and didn't seem to grow no matter how much I worked on it. However, now that I'm on the second page I'm getting on with it much better, although it's still not growing as fast as I'd like.
Kim x