Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still Crocheting...

Still working on the crochet project....
On row 124 of 142, and it seems like a row a day is my average.

I'm going to hang with it and finish it.
( And I'm gritting my teeth as I say that... )

I'm ready to move on to the next thing, but I'm just not done with the current thing yet.
It seems so close to completed that it should be easy to finish - but at a row a day - it seems like it's going to drag out FOREVER!!!! I guess 18 more days seems like forever to me. Just not close enough to be able to see the end yet.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Better than on the Floor...

Quick photo of the group of cross stitch finally hanging on the bedroom wall above the bed.
Not sure about the blue wall as the background, but I really don't want to repaint the bedroom.
The other Long Dog Samplers, Moulin Rouge and Paradigm Lost, are hanging on an opposite wall.

Time to update a list of frames to find.
Finished the first ball of crochet thread at row 108... of 142. On row 112 at the moment on that project.

Need to find some organization in my life. Nearly every room looks ransacked, and piled with general disorganization. Hanging 7 framed items is better than them being on the floor, but what do I do with the 3 cross stitched projects that I took down to hang these 7?

Monday, March 14, 2011

6 of 15 pages completed

6 of 15 pages completed.

Only three days to stitch that page. I'm really happy with that.

Going to put a few days into stitching my crochet project. The schedule for that is that I finish about the same time as the last chemo treatment for the person that I take to chemo.
I still have 40 more rows, at two hours a row, and the last chemo treatment is about 10 days away. I started it when she started chemo, and I'd like to finish it as she ends chemo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

5 of 15 pages completed

5 of 15 pages completed on Reptiles.
Even got to stitch most of the little reptile guy in the corner.

It was easier to pick this up and start stitching rather than changing projects, or starting something new. I couldn't decide what to stitch next, but one of the Long Dog Samplers keeps calling me, saying 'Stitch me next...".
Just haven't settled on whether to stitch that "Spirit of Vierlande" in the traditional black or try a red instead. So maybe another page of this while I consider it more.

Thank you for all the nice comments about my last finish. This one uses the same colors, but white was 1, and black was 8, on Drawing Hands. Now white is 3, and black is 7, so I'm trying to make sure I don't just grab a color automatically thinking I know what number is what color.

And I had to laugh about my stitching gallery...
Most of my stuff that I've framed is still on the floor, leaning frame against frame.
I tried to work out a balanced layout to hang them, but there is always another piece that I want to finish, to make the layout just right... So 90% of my framed cross stitch is still not hung on the wall. I need to fix that and soon. Out of sight is out of mind for me.
I'm working on trying to not leave loose ends and half completed projects. But I have lots of loose ends, and not just stitching projects, so it takes time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

15 of 15 Completed

15 of 15 pages completed.
Stitch count is 240 x 204.
Finished size is 9.25 x 7.75 inches.
Stitched one over one on 25 count white lugana.
Used 8 dmc colors, including white and black. Used 4 complete skeins of white.
Started it August 2010 - Finished March 2011, with lots of other stitching along the way.

It just seems that this pattern doesn't have the detail of the other Escher patterns I've stitched so far. I'm glad I finished it, and I think it will still look nice hanging with the others as a group.

Since I've already started Escher's Reptiles, and have 4 pages completed, at some point it will be in the hoop to finish it. Reptiles has more detail, so it will be more relaxing and fun to stitch.

Hooray, it's done!!!
Thanks for all the encouragement to finish it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

14 of 15 Completed

14 of 15 pages completed.

Only one more page... and maybe just one more week till it's done.
It's been a really weird week with a few 'Dear Diary' moments.
I guess it's nice that I still have 'Dear Diary' moments, but I'd rather just be stitching.