Tuesday, March 1, 2011

14 of 15 Completed

14 of 15 pages completed.

Only one more page... and maybe just one more week till it's done.
It's been a really weird week with a few 'Dear Diary' moments.
I guess it's nice that I still have 'Dear Diary' moments, but I'd rather just be stitching.


demeter83 said...

So close you can almost touch it. It's looking fabulous, and it's nearly done which I'm sure must be making you happy.
Make sure you stitch something you really want to to make up for the frustration with this one.

MarchAnn58 said...

Wow Everytime I see your stitching on an Escher I want to go hunting for Escher patterns. I did put one on my wish list on Heaven and Earth Designs they have 3 designs. Keep up the great stitching.