Monday, March 14, 2011

6 of 15 pages completed

6 of 15 pages completed.

Only three days to stitch that page. I'm really happy with that.

Going to put a few days into stitching my crochet project. The schedule for that is that I finish about the same time as the last chemo treatment for the person that I take to chemo.
I still have 40 more rows, at two hours a row, and the last chemo treatment is about 10 days away. I started it when she started chemo, and I'd like to finish it as she ends chemo.


demeter83 said...

Well, you're flying through this, it looks stunning!

claire93 said...

I agree with demeter - you're going great guns ! There is so much detail, with the scale on the reptiles and the shading on the bottle and glass. amazing how there can be so much detail in black, white and greys

diaryofadomesticgoddess said...

Oh, WOW! I love this piece of art and I love it stitched even more! :)