Saturday, March 19, 2011

Better than on the Floor...

Quick photo of the group of cross stitch finally hanging on the bedroom wall above the bed.
Not sure about the blue wall as the background, but I really don't want to repaint the bedroom.
The other Long Dog Samplers, Moulin Rouge and Paradigm Lost, are hanging on an opposite wall.

Time to update a list of frames to find.
Finished the first ball of crochet thread at row 108... of 142. On row 112 at the moment on that project.

Need to find some organization in my life. Nearly every room looks ransacked, and piled with general disorganization. Hanging 7 framed items is better than them being on the floor, but what do I do with the 3 cross stitched projects that I took down to hang these 7?


MarchAnn58 said...

I think the wall looks great. You have done some wonderful work, and they look really good together.

claire93 said...

7 on the wall and 3 on the floor is better than the other way round lol. And I think they look great.