Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Little Bit of Progress

A few more days of stitching on this...

Took the crochet project to work on in the waiting room. Opened a bottle of soda pop, and it sprayed all over me and some of the crochet project. Luckily, the waiting room had a sink, so I could rinse it with soap and water right away. Could have been worse, and at least the thread ball stayed completely soda pop free.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Start - Spirit of Vierlande

Just HAD to start something new...
Well, it was what I planned to stitch next, I just was going to finish the crochet project first.
I still have about 7 more rows to crochet.

Started Long Dog Samplers - Spirit of Vierlande.
Stitching with dmc 310 black, one over one, on 28 count China Pearl jobelan.

"Do Bears" from Long Dog Samplers was also stitched on China Pearl with brown.
I didn't want to stitch black on white, or antique white.
I wasn't really sure about the black floss. Decided to stitch a page and see, and the only thing I've decided is that it will be the last thing I stitch with all black floss.

Oh, and that big open space needs something different than the pattern shows, don't have a clue what yet. And I've already changed the dragon in the corner by adding stitches here and there, and giving him a belly. I'm going to skip all the alphabets at the top of the pattern.
Couldn't even make it through the first page without changing something.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three More Framed

Three more framed.
5 x 5 frame from Michaels $5. ( Not on sale this week... ) 5 x 7 frame from Target $5.
8 x 8 frame from Michaels $?.

Fixed the rock bunnies under the tree, and they became flowers. Better.

One more to restitch parts of, then frame. Another one to cut the suede mat and frame.
Haven't had any time to stitch, but things are shifting again, so maybe I will soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four Framed and Finished

A few finished and framed.
Square 5 x 5 inch frames $3 each from Michaels. 4x6 frame $6 from Kohls.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Still..... - Still Crocheting

On row 134 of 142...
I think it's taking me 4 hours to stitch a row, or maybe it just seems like 4 hours.
Finding something to watch / listen to while I stitch has been a problem, but I think I've found something that is working for that too. For me, that's half the trick to stitching for long stretches.

Found some picture frames that will finish some already completed stitching.
Listed what I had, and what I needed, and went shopping. After looking and buying, after framing, I'll need to make a new list again.

Really, I used to be organized.
I can't decide if the older I get the more there is that breaks, or the more things there are to keep track of, or if I've just misplaced my organization skills.
Maybe organization just takes me longer than it used to.

I jammed the paper shredder motor trying to pick up and be more organized today. Time to go see if I can fix that. At least I already know what the shredder looks like inside, probably from fixing it the last time I was trying to organize paperwork.

I'm going to finish that crocheting, and get back to stitching again. Hopefully soon.