Monday, April 11, 2011

Still..... - Still Crocheting

On row 134 of 142...
I think it's taking me 4 hours to stitch a row, or maybe it just seems like 4 hours.
Finding something to watch / listen to while I stitch has been a problem, but I think I've found something that is working for that too. For me, that's half the trick to stitching for long stretches.

Found some picture frames that will finish some already completed stitching.
Listed what I had, and what I needed, and went shopping. After looking and buying, after framing, I'll need to make a new list again.

Really, I used to be organized.
I can't decide if the older I get the more there is that breaks, or the more things there are to keep track of, or if I've just misplaced my organization skills.
Maybe organization just takes me longer than it used to.

I jammed the paper shredder motor trying to pick up and be more organized today. Time to go see if I can fix that. At least I already know what the shredder looks like inside, probably from fixing it the last time I was trying to organize paperwork.

I'm going to finish that crocheting, and get back to stitching again. Hopefully soon.

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