Friday, May 27, 2011


Sorry no photo.
Not much stitching going on, real life happens, but the last few days I've tried to start stitching again.
I don't know what it is, but when my mind is racing in a dozen different directions, sitting and stitching calms both my mind and my spirit.

Maybe that's the true reason so many of us stitch.

I'm still on the first and second motif, and in a panic stole the batteries out of the camera to use in the portable cd player while mowing. It seems I don't mind pushing around the mower as long as there is something playing that will distract me.

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Anne said...

You are right, the embroidery refocuses us on the essentiel things:then we stop runing after futilities.
Do not worry about photos, do not forget that only count the pleasure to crosstitch!
What me pleased it is at first and above all to see that embroiderers are happy to crosstitch pretty charts in every corner of the world.
Then no stress, takes advantage of the time which spends slowly and calmy with 777's motives!
The rest, the batteries, the camera doesn't matter, because they are also futilities aginst the happinnes of crosstitch!