Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here's the first 8 meter skein of floss.
I like the pattern, but I'm don't really like the black floss on what is a very light brown fabric.
It just feels like the floss should be a brown or a red.
Feeling wishy-washy about what I've stitched doesn't usually happen to me.
If I'm going to start over, then it seems like now is the time.
And having the photo look like black on a very light gray fabric confuses me even more.

On the upside, the crochet project is done as far at the pattern goes. My plan is to add a couple of extra rows around the edge. A couple of more days on it, and it will be done.

And it was a nice surprise to see that the newest issue of Samplers and Needlework Quarterly was featuring 'Praiseworthy Stitches', and there is a fifth quaker sampler pattern to add to the quaker 'Simple Gifts' series in the magazine. I ordered the magazine, and also a couple of fabrics so I can do the set all on the same fabric.

I'm not sure what to spend time stitching, till I can make up my mind and commit.
There's just seems to be nothing worse than feeling like I'm a wishy washy woman that can't make up her mind. I'm pretty sure I'm wishy washy about everything lately.
I sure hope that this doesn't last long. Too much to do to be wishy washy.

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