Friday, August 12, 2011

My Heart is Breaking

And for those following my real life medical story with my mother.

My mom died last night.

She died at her home, and I was by her side.

And my heart is breaking.


MarchAnn58 said...

My prayers are with you. I was with my Mom when she died a few years ago and it did help us both.

Anne said...

I tried to write you but I was hospitalized these last 15 days, nothing grave however, a simple precaution.
I am not very bright in computing formalities and I do not understand various modalities to leave you a comment, what makes that I do not know if you have access to my e-mail address, thus I am directly going to give it to you
You can write for one or two words, i will be there for you.
What I would like to say to you it is that I think of you and your mom on the other side of the ocean and that these words have a real sense.
Please, think again in happy time and in spite of the sadness, knows that you are not alone, I support you with all my heart.
I kiss you very hardly,

claire93 said...

There are no words that will make your Mum's death any easier to accept but I can imagine your heart-ache. My parents both died of cancer. My Mum was only 50 when she lost the fight. It's been 26 years since she died and not a day goes by without me thinking of her,or my Dad who died 8 years ago.