Friday, September 30, 2011

Woodland Vines - Starting to Pop

Woodland Vines after more than 10 yards of floss.
Now that it's getting some size to it, then the design itself is really starting to pop.

This is the seventh design from Ink Circles that I've stitched, and I've enjoyed stitching every one of them. All three of the Cirque patterns, Bramble and the Rose, Floral Quaker, Growth Rings, and now Woodland Vines. All stitched with whiskey floss on black.

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gmarais11 said...

You provided the inspiration for me to start St. Sylvestre from Long Dog and change it to whiskey floss on black linen. Then I had to go get other Ink Circle charts to make my own Group of Four. I am still working on St. Sylvestre, but plan to continue on the other three. I love your choice of thread.

I can appreciate how difficult the Woodland Vines would be. Thanks again for the inspiration.