Monday, October 24, 2011

Siam Fusion Band Sampler Returns

Back to something I'd started before. Siam Fusion from Sampler Cove.
I'm doing the band sampler design.
All I can remember about this was that it was about $50 just for the fancy floss.
I've never spent so much for just floss.

And just to add to the confusion of stitching this. The original pattern design is long and skinny.
Which makes it hard to put into a standard frame. At the time I thought - no problem, just widen the pattern. For example the original pattern would have had just 5 of the bottom motifs, but mine will have 7.
So I made the new pattern, and got things shifted. Like the original pattern had only one stitch between the bottom motifs, mine has two.
And I stitch the first motif, and then only left one stitch before nearly completing the second one.
Yep, so much for a plan. Ripped out the second motif and started over.
So I look at the original pattern for colors, but not spacing, and my version for spacing but not colors.
And I got to the second motif before I realized I'm not that smart.

I can't go back and just add the proper colors to my version, that computer was crazy after a nearby lightening strike, and I had no back up for that pattern design. And even if I did have a back up, the pattern drawing program will not work with the newest version of Microsoft that is on this computer after the last computer crapped out.

So I have one copy of the changed pattern, and it's been so long ago that I don't remember what I was thinking at the time. So I'll stitch away and see what I end up with.
I'm going to be just as surprised to see what this will look like as everybody else.

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claire93 said...

how stunning on black ^^