Monday, November 28, 2011

Less is more...

A little bit more, while trying to keep just the parts that I really like.
When I look at the original pattern, it all just looks so dark.
Maybe that was the point, but I think that I prefer it with a little more of the motifs left open.

So I'll stitch till it feels balanced to me. I can already tell there are going to be lots of changes, but that is the fun part.

I can end up close to where I started when I change a pattern...
I started with ( Here ), and ended up with ( There ).
But sometimes the two don't look at all alike at all by the time I'm done.
I started with ( This ), and ended up with ( That ).
Even the border spacing of the leaves wasn't the same by the time I was done.
Time to start to learn that new pattern program, just to see what happens.

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