Friday, December 30, 2011

FEET ! ! !

My goal was to finish the pages that I've started on this. I have decided that stitching FEET is the worst thing to stitch. It's boring, and even when you've finished a whole evening of stitching, it's still FEET. I enjoyed stitching the little guys, and watching their little faces appear, but now, after hours and days of stitching, all I will get eventually is FEET.
I'm doubting if there is a stitcher around saying - Oh boy, FEET.
I'm sure I was trying to give this pattern a second chance, but I'm pretty sure that this is as far as this one will ever get. For future pattern purchases, if the pattern has shoes, that's fine, but if it has FEET, I'm not going to buy it. Life is short, I'm thinking it's too short to spend hours stitching FEET! It's really time to start the New Year with something else. ANYTHING ELSE!

So my question is - What's the worst thing that you've ever stitched, and were you able to finish it, or is it buried at the bottom of the stash?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wrapping Up The Year

Trying to clear the paperwork off the desk.
In it was the list I made of the cross stitch projects I've completed this year.
Since I'm not going to get anything else finished, it's time for me to post my list.

1. Keep Me Sampler - Moira Blackburn
2. Drawing Hands (Escher) - CSC
3. Kindness Sampler - BOAF
4. Reptiles (Escher) - CSC
5. Flower Basket - La-D-Da
6. Woodland Vines - Ink Circles.

As I've said before, real life happens, and you do what you have to do.
I'm still working at it, and will be for months to come. This year was life changing for me, and there was nothing that I could do to avoid it. I'm hoping that 2012 will be life changing for me too, but that it will be me making the changes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 of 56 pages completed

Completed 4 pages, started the next two pages, of 56 pages.
That little area that is actually finished is only about 3 inches square.
And yes, those are her toes, which makes it look like he's trying to smell her feet.
The hoop is a 7 inch hoop, so that will give you a better idea of the size so far.

Hoping to finish the next two pages before the end of the year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The First Creepy Little Guy

This is HAED - Selina Fenech's - Stolen In Her Sleep.
If you'd like to see the whole pattern, click HERE.
Even I think that this one is crazy, not only in size, but all the creepy little guys.

I've started in the bottom right corner, and of 56 pages, I've completed page 56 only.
Started it a while back, I didn't like it, but I didn't get very far.
Decided to give it another try. Seems like I really need to complete one of the creepy little guys to know if I'll like it or not.

Needed something different to work on, but nothing new. I was hoping to keep with tradition, and start something new for the new year. This is keeping me busy for the next couple of weeks.
I've never attempted to stitch anything this big, and at this point I'm not sure if I expect to finish it ever. Maybe the trick is to stitch one little creepy guy at a time.
When I think - if I just stitched one page a month - how long... 4.6 years....
One page a week even would be a complete year of stitching just this, and I KNOW and can't do a page a week. And I've still got that another HAED started.

I did get the Julia Line book. They sent it Thursday from Amazon in Canada, and it was at my door Monday afternoon. Amazing.

Haven't decided what to stitch for the new year. I have a couple of new charts and a new piece of material. I can see a couple of new starts in the New Year, but like everybody else, finishing up some things sounds like an awfully good idea.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Time to Change Again.

To do the changes I want to do will take some time and research.
At the moment I'm trying to stitch to relax, and not stitch to re-design, so this might be put to the side.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching the Drawing up to the Stitching

Not much new stitching, but I've caught the drawing up to where I am stitching, and now have the next three or four motifs ready to stitch. New photo as soon as I move the hoop again.

I mentioned that I had ordered Julia Line's book from Amazon Canada. It was supposed to finally ship yesterday, but I got an email saying that they are still trying to get it.
Kind of disappointed to get that e-mail, but I'm going to hang in there and see if they will get some eventually.
(Now the Canada site says 'usually ships within one to four months', and on my order it says not before Dec 25. )

Saw that new sampler from Blackbird Designs. It's lovely.
Funny how you can see a pattern and just know that you love it, even at just a glance.

On Black Friday I ordered the Bygone - Quaker Christmas II pattern to add to my stash.
It arrived yesterday, but I haven't gotten to look at it. I enjoyed stitching the first Quaker Christmas. And I'm already wondering if I can alter it and remove the songs, which I know is a huge part of the pattern. I think that I just love the Quaker motifs and it is a challenge to see if I can do something else that I will like even better.