Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching the Drawing up to the Stitching

Not much new stitching, but I've caught the drawing up to where I am stitching, and now have the next three or four motifs ready to stitch. New photo as soon as I move the hoop again.

I mentioned that I had ordered Julia Line's book from Amazon Canada. It was supposed to finally ship yesterday, but I got an email saying that they are still trying to get it.
Kind of disappointed to get that e-mail, but I'm going to hang in there and see if they will get some eventually.
(Now the Canada site says 'usually ships within one to four months', and on my order it says not before Dec 25. )

Saw that new sampler from Blackbird Designs. It's lovely.
Funny how you can see a pattern and just know that you love it, even at just a glance.

On Black Friday I ordered the Bygone - Quaker Christmas II pattern to add to my stash.
It arrived yesterday, but I haven't gotten to look at it. I enjoyed stitching the first Quaker Christmas. And I'm already wondering if I can alter it and remove the songs, which I know is a huge part of the pattern. I think that I just love the Quaker motifs and it is a challenge to see if I can do something else that I will like even better.

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