Friday, December 30, 2011

FEET ! ! !

My goal was to finish the pages that I've started on this. I have decided that stitching FEET is the worst thing to stitch. It's boring, and even when you've finished a whole evening of stitching, it's still FEET. I enjoyed stitching the little guys, and watching their little faces appear, but now, after hours and days of stitching, all I will get eventually is FEET.
I'm doubting if there is a stitcher around saying - Oh boy, FEET.
I'm sure I was trying to give this pattern a second chance, but I'm pretty sure that this is as far as this one will ever get. For future pattern purchases, if the pattern has shoes, that's fine, but if it has FEET, I'm not going to buy it. Life is short, I'm thinking it's too short to spend hours stitching FEET! It's really time to start the New Year with something else. ANYTHING ELSE!

So my question is - What's the worst thing that you've ever stitched, and were you able to finish it, or is it buried at the bottom of the stash?


ChrisG said...

I feel the same way about stitching fur! Diagonal lines of barely different colors, and after hours, I only had more fur! I never did finish the design and it is wallowing in a box somewhere. Oh, it was an orange tabby cat on a picture frame...too bad because all that is left to finish this is the cat but I just can't bring myself to stitch any more on it!

Anonymous said...

I started Noahs Submarine when I was 11...I'm now 25....It still isn't finished!