Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ending the Year...

If I had to name this year for me - it would be -The year of the E-Readers...
I will end the year saying - I bought yet another Nook...
I think I fell into the Christmas trap, and felt a little lonely knowing that I didn't have anybody to buy for, and nobody was going to buy for me.  Which I am fine with, don't get me wrong.  It is really interesting to watch people lose their minds during the holidays.

I did a good deed and paid for a friends electric bill for a couple months again.  She's 85 and has a husband that she visits daily in the care center, he has Alzheimer's and no longer knows who she is.  But he does seem to know she comes everyday to have lunch with him.  They have been married for over 60 years, and he doesn't know her anymore.  She was not a rich woman to start with, and at $6600 a month for the care center - yes - $220 a day... - she will be dirt poor at some point.  I have no clue how she manages, but she is a huge inspiration to me.  If I am feeling bad about anything, I go visit her, and she will start to tell me her problems and his issues, and it straightens my attitude right out.  Because whatever I thought was crashing my world is nothing compared to her world.  And if doing the right thing for her husband wasn't enough, this year her older sister went round the bend, and ended up in a care center with her husband, and now also expects my friend to run and get things for her too.  These women both have children, and grand children that just seem to ignore it all.  So I paid her electric bill last summer for three months, and now for a couple more months.  I could donate to a charity, but this really just makes more sense to me.

Ending the year with my new dishwasher installed.
Happy, healthy, no complaints.
Like everyone, not every thing got taken care of that should have.  But nothing fell apart either.

They finally caught up with a neighborhood meth dealer - he was making meth, and it exploded severely burning him and a buddy.  Blew the siding off of the ends of the garage at 3 am.  They raided his former home, and the new owners of his former home don't even get an explaination of who they are looking for, they just raid his last known address.  Because the cops don't ask the neighbors where he is, and meth guys don't update their drivers license addresses... and don't update their addresses with the parole office either...  so he has been in the local hospital with burns since this happened 3 weeks ago, and as soon as he is released, will go directly to jail.
So if you just happen to buy your next home from the parents of a doper, be prepared to be raided at 3 am.
You just never know.

I did finally start stitching again - well I started to crochet again.  I started that table topper when my mother started chemo, and I am now past the end of the pattern design area.  I just needed to do the chain 9 loops to use up the rest of the ball of thread.  My gauge was goofy from not stitching so I after I stitched a couple of rounds, which take me an entire day to make one round now...  I tore out what I had stitched plus a couple more rounds and started again.  This time I am much more even, but I am not yet back to the point that I ripped back from.  It just feels like a project that needs to be finished.  It is still tied to my mother in my head, and I need to finish it.  The ball of thread is now the size of a standard crochet ball, but just chaining loops doesn't seem to use it up very fast.  But that is my goal.

So this is how the year ends for me.
I baked some pumpkin pies, dipped some pretzels in almond bark, and a roast is in the oven.
My feet are warm, and the electricity is on.
It's all good.

Hope you can say the same...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jingle all the way...

Tracked the Kindle during shipping all the way to my friends house... it was entertaining, but exhausting...
Will it be delivered today - will it be delivered tomorrow, no! it's out for delivery today!!!
She got stuck ordering a cover, so today I sent her a gift card for the cost of the cover.  For some reason, those e-readers just don't feel right without a cover.  But she got to pick out the one she wanted, rather than me picking something - so in the end it works out well, and she got the cover she would have normally picked out for herself.  It arrived safely, and most important, worked.

Meanwhile, this week, my slippers bit the dust.  They were threadbare on the bottom and leaking stuffing.
I used to buy those stuffed animal / character slippers at the big box store.  And they would last a year or two.  They could look like bear feet, or a muppet, or a wolf...
And if I saw them on sale, I'd pick up an extra pair to stash away.  Then the box store didn't have them anymore...  and I was using my last stashed pair...  So I pitched the ones leaving a trail of stuffing, and started looking.  Warmth is the key, I don't care how silly.  Nobody else is going to see them.  So I shopped and found some at another box store, but I had to go out of town to get them.  So I went, the weather is good.  I can't find them so I ask - she pages the whole store saying---  has anybody seen red and white elf slippers, you know, with pointy toes...????  and a scratchy voice comes back saying - by the checkouts...
So I go look, and it takes me a while to finally see them hanging on the wall, but they do have them.
So I grab a few pairs, and take them back to try them on - and naturally, I am half right, so I put some back and get others...  and I buy four pairs, two elf sets, and two reindeer sets complete with antlers...  and they are a good deal.  Buy one, get one free.  So before I can leave, since they still have two more pairs of elf slippers in my size, I buy those too. 
I clean them out of slippers in my size.  I am set for slippers for six years...
And today I have pointy elf toes...  and my feet are really warm, and I am so happy.

And life is good if your feet are warm.
( and part of me really wants to put bells on them so I jingle when I walk... )
I am pretty sure that if you jingle when you walk, and your feet are warm, it would be hard not to smile.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cook, Fix, Clean, Organize, Repeat....

It was less than 3 weeks before I had to replace the new Nook HD+.
It was still working fine, but the front bezel that covers the screen was coming unstuck about 2.5 inches near the power button.  I got an official Nook cover, and it started to pop off about two days later.
It is only 'sticky' stuck to the screen.  And with the cover holding the corners tightly, then there was just enough pressure there to pop it away from the screen.  Since I got it at Barnes and Noble, they were very nice about just trading me for a new one in the box again.  Haven't had the replacement very long, but so far, so good. 

Got the woman that is helping me sort out my parents house a fancy new Kindle.  Been looking to get her something for helping me, and tolerating the craziness, and what she needed is a stove.  Picking out a stove for a woman that likes to cook would be wrong.  I am sure she knows what she wants, and it is hard to just show up with a new stove and say - Surprise!.  Funny idea to do, but she'd be stuck for a long time with something she really didn't like.  So since she started me on all of this e-reader stuff, when they went on sale this week, getting her the latest version seemed perfect, and getting it now lets her snuggle up and read this winter.
And it was sort of a bonus to just have it sent directly to her house, and send her an email saying - Surprise, it's on the way...!

And last night my stitching was begging me to start stitching again.  Need to change the furniture back around to get it away from the heating vents, then I will be back to stitching again.  One day of furniture moving chaos.  And then a few hours of which cheater glasses work best to stitch with again.

The store has my dishwasher now, but the installer would have had to squeeze me in and had 12 other things to do today, so I said I could wait till next week.  If the weather is bad then, I won't even mind, since the guy is from out of town, I'd rather see him get home safely, than to get the dishwasher installed, but then he has an accident trying to get home right before the holidays. 

Stopped Netflix for now.  I had caught up on the shows and couple of movies I wanted to see.
I did watch 'Poldark'.  My mom watched it, but I never saw it.  When it came out on vhs, she wanted to buy it, but the set was expensive.  She asked if I would pay half.  I was working, but it was probably $100 towards a show that I had never seen.  If she wanted it, she could have afforded to buy it.  She didn't.
So years passed, and when it was on Netflix, it seemed like I should watch it.  I watched the first episode a couple times, and just could not get into it.  But I finally decided that I was supposed to watch it, and the dvds were on sale, but I could just watch it on Netflix and not have to buy it.
So I watched it, and after a few episodes, I could understand why so many women loved the series.
So then, because usually I am mostly listening and doing something else, I really did want to watch the stuff that I was missing, so I ordered the series on dvd because it was so cheap now.  And I have the rest of the series on e-books, and even a couple of those books on audio.  So now I am a fan.  Now I finally understand.

And now I can add Poldark to Upstairs, Downstairs, and Dark Shadows...  All shows that I watched years after everyone else saw them.

I am trying to cook more, but there must be something that I don't do right.  By the time I cut it all up and get it into the oven, and it cooks for hours, then there is no way that I would have time to do this for more than one meal a day.  Making scalloped potatoes is a production.  I buy 5 pounds of potatoes, 3 pounds of onions, and mix it all into the one bowl and bake.  I have one baking dish that is the perfect size for this amount, and if I buy 10 pounds of potatoes, I bake the same thing two days in a row.  It freezes well.
But by the time I do this, I can't imagine trying to feed kids first, then make potatoes, then feed kids again at lunch, and the feed them again - hopefully with potatoes for supper.  This cooking stuff would just be never ending, and I would never have time to do ANYTHING else...  So I can't figure out if I am the worlds slowest potato peeler.  Or just really disorganized while cooking.  I make pumpkin pies, and doubling that recipe becomes an all day bake off too.  There must be a trick that I never learned.  I know women make several meals a day, and I have trouble getting past just one meal a day.

I don't mind cooking - and the dishwasher is still usable enough to get me by, but at the rate I cook, my kids would have starved waiting for it to finish cooking.  My ex husband commented about not cooking much, and when he worked at a bakery, he seemed surprise that I knew about proofing bread.  I said - Sure I knew, I used to make bread, I even sent a bread to the local county fair and WON...
Of course, I'd never made him bread, so why would he know that I could make bread.
I like cooking, it is just that everything takes me all day to cook.  And I can't quite figure out why.
I do the first round of dishes while it goes into the oven... but in the end there is always a second round of dishes.  Maybe I am a slow dishwasher.  I just can't figure out how to cook more than one major item in a day.

Off to do more laundry and house cleaning.  I do try to do that while stuff is in the oven.
At least it smells good.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maybe it's always the little things...

It's always something little to mess up what should be just something easy...

I am still messing around with e-readers.  Got the newest Kindle 8.9 and have been messing with the Nook HD+ together.  They each seem to have their own little irritating quirks, but I'm sure people would say the same thing about me.  It breaks down to say that as a reader, they are slightly different in the way they split a page.  I am reading the same book on both versions, and switching back and forth.  As readers, they are both just fine.  The side features are what I find frustrating in the way they work, but I keep reminding myself - I got them to read with....  I got them to read with...  that part works great with no complaints on either model.  If I had to buy a third - it would be a toss up which one I would buy again.  I still want to side with the Nook just for the memory capacity alone - but again - each one is frustrating in different ways, and great in different ways.  Enough about e-readers.

And it seems like I have been stashing away books to read like a squirrel storing nuts for winter.  I don't have a wide author base of knowledge so I read reviews, and book reviews, and best seller list reviews, and book contest award winner reviews...  and I have visited the bookstore, and the library, and the 1/2 price bookstores...  and I am nearing the point of enough.  One book always seems to lead to the next book, or finding something else interesting...
I found a new book at the library.  It is about a 1970 murder case.  I couldn't read the book in 7 days.  New books had to be returned in 7 days.  So I pop up on the list again - next time it isn't a 'new' book, now I get three weeks.  Still too much pressure.  I read enough to make sure I want to just buy the book. 
So I buy the ebook $15.  Then I pass thru the local store books and find another book I'd been interested in.
Buy that book $20.  And while buying that one, another one catches my eye for next time...
Oh, this is NOT good.  It sure seems like I could go down a really slippery slope if this keeps up...
So that fancy $20 book is going to be the end till I get the other books I keep socking away read.

I did buy new jeans.  The holes in the butt were not bad enough to bother me, but I do sometimes go with somebody else, and I'm sure she would not rather have to admit to being with the woman with holes in her jeans.  The jeans were on sale.  

And I am waiting to get the new dishwasher - I ordered one that they don't keep in stock.  It had a rebate for the cost of installation.  I think the old one got zapped with a power cut while it was running.  One of those off and back on power jolt bumps.  I'm just happy to get free installation.

My ex phone company sent me a bill saying they owed me 9 cents.  I'm sure it cost them more than that to print the statement and mail it.  Then I got a check in the mail for 9 cents.
I cashed it.  The bank said they had cashed lots of checks for 8 cents so I wasn't the only one.
I was the only 9 cent one so far.

My new home phone has been very quiet until today.  I've had the service for nearly a month.  New random number.  Today I get a woman calling and asking for April.  Nope, you have the wrong number.

But I am not an idiot.  I know it was probably somebody else's number before me.  So I was going to ask what number she was calling - but she hung up.  So I am expecting her to call me right back again.  Nope.
1/2 hour later, the phone rings, and it is her again, I recognize the voice.

April - where are you, you had better be on your way to this court hearing, and why should I do anything to keep them from issuing a warrant for your arrest... and you had better have an explanation for why you are not here... what are you thinking???

All I had said was - hello... - so I let her rant and did not interrupt and I got an earful of what was probably Aprils lawyer or court appointed attorney...

When she finally did stop yelling I said - First of all - you called here before, I am still not April.
But I haven't had this number long- what number are you calling?  Yes, I am that number, but I am not April, and from what you just said, I am really glad to not be April.  But really, no matter how many times you call me, I'm still never going to be April.  She was sort of nice about it.  I wished her luck on finding April... she said she had another number she could try.  I was satisfied that she was satisfied that I wasn't April.

And an hour later the phone rings again.  It's a guy now - bet you can guess who he's asking for.  No, you have the wrong number.  He just slams the phone.  I'm sure he was with part of the legal team or the judge, but I'm still not April.

I just added phone cards yesterday to prepay for the phone - so I think I am stuck with this number till.....
APRIL 2013...  pretty funny.

Did get four windows sealed up for winter.  The plastic is so thin, I wonder if it will last all winter.  I keep hoping to maybe move after next year.  I've lived here since 1982.  I am ready for a change.  Something sort of the same, but with an easier yard to take care of.  My backyard is so steep, you can't mow it and have to weed whip it, and there are groundhogs, so you had better be ready to run away while standing on the hill.
I've never had one charge at me, but they have babies, so you never know.  And there is just no where to run to get away.  They dig holes under the garage because there is a void under the garage.  So for 30 years, they dig a hole, and then I mix cement and fill in the hole.  You would think in 30 years I would have filled in all the way around that garage twice.  Nope.  There was such a void that one year I had it mudjacked.
Mudjacking is the guy goes inside the garage and drill several holes, and then pumps in a slurry to fill the void under the garage.
I have a 2 1/2 stall garage, and the guy pumped in everything he had brought with him which should have been more than enough.  I could see the concrete floor shifting so I knew he had lots under it, even if it wasn't totally full.  The guy said when they started to drill the holes in the cement inside the garage that it looked like Noahs Ark was trying to escape from under the garage.  I left the holes before the guy came so I could see the slurry, and so the animals could escape. 

And the house is just old enough that it needs more energy than I have to give it.  But at the moment, I still have my parents house to sell, and I can't do that without having the auction.  Paying taxes on two houses is enough.  I am not adding a third, and then having three yards to take care of till two houses sell. 
Nope, one thing at a time.  Auction, sell the house, then look for my next house.

I had a dream that my dad came back from the dead.  He'd been dead, he was back.
And most of the work we have done at my parents has been cleaning out the stuff he had packed way.  Some things we tossed, be emptied two small sheds, and sorted, and gave away wood and recycled tons of metal.  In my dream, my dad was back and mad.  Mostly because we had rearranged things getting ready for an auction that he couldn't find anything anymore, and he didn't know what we'd gotten rid of.
In the dream my friend says that we should still do that auction, because he will be able to cope better with less things.  I say - not my stuff, it's his stuff. He's back - it's not my concern anymore.
And I had to give back my inheritance money because he was alive again, so I was broke, and nearly homeless.  And I knew he was mad that we had gotten rid of his stuff, so I knew when he died again, I wasn't getting the inheritance money back again...

It was a strange but very vivid dream.  I had a dream before about my mother dying, but she was back again.  She was still sick and I knew she had died, but now I was going to have to help her die again.
Sort of the same with my dad, I knew he was going to die again at some point.  And that I would have to deal with it all over again.  These dreams are very weird because even in them, they don't make sense.  My mother was cremated.  Pretty tough to get back into a sickly body again once you've been cremated.
I think it's knowing that I'm going to have to watch them die again that is the nightmare for me.
Hard enough to do once, but when you have to repeat it over and over...

So I really didn't want to move into my parents house, and I think just starting over in a new house might be a healthy change for me.  So only one more winter, but probably two.

My guy friend just bought a different house.  He's lived in the same place for 30 years too. Single guy, no kids.  I told him I was going to take notes on how he does it, so I will know.  He looked at three houses and bought the third.  Less than three days.  After 30 years.  He went from a tiny one bedroom to four bedrooms.  He had white carpeting in the living room, and the nearly new home he bought has the same white carpeting in the living room.  He said it felt like home, which is the way he felt 30 years ago, so he bought it. 
He had said he was never going to move.  Then he was sick, it was a crazy story.  He was bit by a neighbors dog while the neighbor was there saying the dog won't bite.  So he went to the ER.  They gave him something to kill the possible infection.  Whatever they gave him killed off all the bacteria that you have in your intestinal track.  That's not good.  So then he really got sick.  They tried to get the good bacteria that you need in your gut back - and it took months.  It all gave him a different outlook about taking care of a home with a few challenges, and thinking that he didn't want to deal with it as he got older either.
So he is very happy in his new home, and has to sell his old house yet, and is in sort of the same situation as I am.  And I am watching to see what I will need to do and learning.  He is feeling better now, finally, and was still trying to get the guy to pay for the dog bite medical bills still six months later. 

Maybe that is what creates change for people like him and I.  One small thing that just suddenly seems to change everything else.  And so we then shift everything and start over. 
But I do find it interesting that we have both sort of hit that same point at the same age, even though it is due to different circumstances. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Put the e-reader down.......

Still out here, but not stitching.
I have not learned how to sit the Kindle down and walk away.

Been waiting for the next one to come out next week.  But I was also eyeing the newest Nook because it came out last week.  I was reading the propaganda for the new Nook.  Then I stopped at the book store to see one.  The new Kindle is supposed to be the same size within fractions of an inch.

Can I just cut to the end of the story and say I now own the newest Nook...
Yep, and it is a pretty fun little shiny thing too.  And on Monday, my next Kindle will be delivered.

But I am done...  no more - ....  that is enough.

And if you were considering why did I get the Nook?   Memory alone is a huge selling point.
Kindle comes 16GB $299, 32GB $369, 64GB $599.
Nook comes 16GB $269, 32GB $299.  and it has a memory card slot up to 32GB Card.
A 32GB card is about $20 if you shop.  So for $320, Nook can have 64GB that Kindle wants $599.

To be fair, that $599 model also does other things the Nook will not do, but for pure memory, the Nook wins.  Nook seems to offer a free book on Fridays, Kindle offers a free app daily.
They do some things the same, but they do enough things slightly different that it makes sense to me.

But really- this is it.  I can't picture what they could add next year that would make me want to upgrade again.  If the screen was bigger I think it would be uncomfortable reading. 
I have holes in my jeans, but great ereaders.

And as I have said before-  I don't have cable - I even got rid of my landline phone, and switched to a house phone box that uses the regular house phones and is $15 a month with unlimited calls, and unlimited long distance, and no contract.  I don't eat out at places without a drive thru.  Netflix and internet is the entertainment.  Paid $100 for the year cell phone card, and will never use that many minute up in a year, so under $9 a month for a cell phone.  These e-readers are my shiny objects for the next year at least.
I still have tube tvs, and I am just fine with that.

And the dishwasher decided to go into a never ending cycle - so it will get replaced yet this month.
But that is the way it always goes - spend some mad money, then something else breaks.

Still need to seal up the windows for winter - always stuff to do...
If I could just learn to put the kindle down...
But at the moment, they will both be new and shiny and hard to put down.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Only Time Will Tell

Haven't been stitching.
I haven't given up hope of stitching again - just been doing other things.

Okay - I fell into the Kindle propaganda.  A friend loved her original Kindle - and my words were - why would anybody want to read an electronic book?  But I got a Kindle Touch - and then the Kindle Keyboard - and then the Kindle Fires - well, actually three Kindle Fires so I can keep playing while another one is recharging.  Do I read on them? - nope - not yet anyway.  I am reading one book now on the keyboard version.  It has been a terrible distraction for me - and yes I ordered the next bigger version that comes out around Thanksgiving.  We are calling it 'shiny object syndrome'.  I am totally distracted by shiny objects.

I never had a cell phone.  Actually most anybody that would have called me is dead. 
I wanted to keep my parents phone number and transferring it to a cell phone for a year seemed easy.
So I got a cheap $35 cell phone.  My car has that cell phone thing and I liked the number and I was going to let that plan expire - so I got a second cell phone and put the car phone number on it.  Then I decided that I really liked using it as an mp3 player - but I didn't want to be dialing anybody accidentally - so I got a third one just to use as an mp3 player with headphones.  And because I wanted the date correct I added a basic card of minutes.  Cell phone #3.  And I still have the house land line because I am not actually used to using a cell phone.  I did finally use it yesterday to call ahead for pizza - and I am sure that was exactly what they were designed to do.  That was my second round of 'shiny object' fever.
But I really do love the sound of it as an mp3 player - and it knows the time and date, and has a camera, - and can call for a pizza.  That is a great mp3 player for $35.  4 GB.  Great sound using headphones.

I know these shiny things may seem like a huge expense.  But I don't buy much of anything.  Nothing girly.
I don't go out to eat other than places with a dollar menu.  If I find something I like - I do usually buy several.
I have not bought any kindle books and spent $3 total for apps.  Other than the time I spent organizing with a friend - I am on my own.  This comes mostly from working with men for years.  I am an only child -spending time alone doesn't bother me - but finding something that will make me smile or happy and will last a while is my entertainment.

A friend has been helping me clean things at my parents trying to get organized for an auction.
We have been doing that for more than a year now.  I finally decided to just set a date for the auction and get it over with.  Turns out he is full through December.  I am not doing a winter auction -so now everything has shifted 6 months till spring.  We were still tossing 500 pounds each week the last two weeks in scrap metals.

The friend is the person that started me on Kindles, and cell phones, and Roku, and Netflix.
I don't have cable - but Netflix seems like the $8 version of cable, and I watch lots of older things.
Eventually I had to make her stop mentioning things, especially shiny things.  I was just too open to suggestions.  I told her she could never talk about wanting a pony.  Never.
I am sure part of it was because most of my exposure to others was just her.  She would say that she would wake up worried about the auction and the stress.  I wasn't - I knew I wouldn't panic till I set the sale date.
That would create a deadline - then I could panic.  But within days of her saying she was waking up - I started waking up.  It wasn't the only thing that way.
She is a housewife mother well rounded woman.  I am the woman that isn't very girly, but know my way around tools.  We had to get the septic system examined to sell the house.  And they had to replace part of it, and dig part of it up beyond normal.  Getting her to look was pretty funny.  But she has learned to chainsaw limbs.  I sent her off to try the new working weed trimmer - she didn't have a clue.  She always either had a husband or brothers that did the yard stuff.  She never went to the metal recycling place before.
She is learning.  Together we can cover most things, so we make a good combination.
But it has to be exhausting to work with me during what is still a stressful time for me.  It all still rests on my shoulders, and I know I don't have all the answers either.
But she has vowed to help me to the end and get through it.  I think she is crazy.
She's doing it for nothing.  The scrap metal we sell - I split the money with her to help us both with gas money.  I have always felt like it was sometimes easier to organize somebody else's things than your own.
I still feel that way.  It has been a crazy year, and now it is going to drag out another six month, then I can get the house ready to sell.  I have never understood how people do this in a very short time after death.
I understand why they have to - and I understand that if you have enough family members, then they argue about this and that - I don't have any of that - but trying to do it all by myself would have been just totally impossible.

But I am trying to organize my house to have room to bring a few things home from my parents.
I can't make 1000 decisions there about things, and come home and do it again trying to clean up messes at my house.  My head explodes if I try that.
But now there will be six months to sort and get into the paperwork more - and it could take six months to organize my own home better.

But I think it will be winter before I really have time to stitch again.  I do miss it.
I know at some point I will get my life back again - and this week finding out that an auction will be delayed felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me again.  But every time something has seemed to go wrong, in the end it has always worked out better in the end.  I have no reason to expect that this won't be the same.  Only time will tell.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Starting to stitch again...

Okay - started trying to stitch in the evenings again - and have the last two nights...
But I do have a couple of questions...

Why are the threads I'm stitching on smaller now? I feel like I need new cheaters. It gets better after stitching for an hour or so - but I can't marathon stitch - my eyes can't change focus between the stitching and the pattern page, and an occasional look at the television. It takes the first hour just to feel comfortable with the fabric -

I could understand if it had been a year - but I feel like I'm all out of whack after just a couple of months without stitching... use it or lose it... but 10 weeks doesn't seem like all that long - and I'm a mess.

And after a couple of hours my eyes really can't focus enough to stitch more - I can see the fabric - but can't focus on the numbers - and 5's and 6's and 8's all start to look the same...

It's going to be a while before I get the current pattern page done. But I'm trying -

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Whole Month

I'm sure it's been a whole month without picking up a needle.

But I've picked up a lot of other things. I'm finally starting to see progress at cleaning up my parent's home. It's small progress, but it's an area of 'empty'.
I sold off my dad's old radio collection. The state has an old radio club, and they have an auction once a year, and were nice enough to include my dad's stuff in their sale. Selling it that way gave me a better chance at finding the best homes, and for getting the most money for what I had. I figured I'd be lucky to get $100 for it all as part of the estate auction - and I ended up getting $700 at the radio auction, and the radio club got $50 on top of that from the buyer's premium. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday- and to get rid of a few things, and those radios guys could not have been nicer to me.
This week we are having more metal hauled away, a small metal yard shed destroyed, and the extra appliances removed. The working ones won't sell for much, and the other half don't work. So if he's hauling some, he might as well haul them all. Our current scrap metal pile is about the size of a full sized truck. And we are still adding to the pile.
But things are starting to change. There is always still something to do.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still around...

I'm still around, just not stitching.
Working on my parent house still.  So many stories I could tell, but it would be all good stories.
I haven't given up stitching.  I just haven't figured out a system for taking care of everything.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eleven Pages Completed

Eleven pages completed. 11 of 35.
I don't know where all the hours in the day are going. I do know that most times I'm too tired to stitch at the end of the day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ten Pages Completed

Ten pages completed. 10 of 35.
Okay, that was even an inside page, not a border page, and I finished it in 5 days, and didn't even stop to take a photo. It just seemed like a good idea to just keep stitching, and see how much more I could get done last night. I was a stitching maniac, and I'm well into page 11, and it's not Saturday yet... ( a big area of black stitching helped - I'll admit it... )

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nine Pages Completed

Only one week to complete this page. Those middle pages all have more stitches, and it's just enough more that I can't get it done in 7 days. I enjoyed stitching this page, just because that window shelf ledge really pops out and becomes almost 3D.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eight Pages Completed

Eight Pages Completed. 8 out of 35.
That page took two weeks. I took an overall photo to show that I haven't made a dent in all of the stitches... Two months of stitching nothing else, and 8 pages completed. But it's not like I'm stitching every day either, so maybe this isn't too bad. It's still fun, and relaxing, and not teeth clenching so far. It just seems like there is just so far to go, and that I'd be lucky to finish even if this was the only thing I stitched all year long. I just haven't wrapped my head around a project that is twice the size of the biggest things I've ever stitched. Of course it will take longer.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not Even Close

Today the next page was supposed to be done. I'm not even close.
Well, I had a good run. This page is going to take two weeks. Using markers to circle a color has been helpful, especially because the color palette is so limited. Then I used different colors of highlighters to fill in after I've stitched. That color changes each day. Looks like I only stitched three days this week.
Actually, my house is a little more picked up, and I've gathered the tax papers. Lots of bloggers seem to have a bit of organizing fever, and I'm never sure if it's just something in the air, or if it's just the inspiration that we get from each other.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seven Pages Completed

Seven Pages Completed. 7 of 35.
And today is the 49th day of the year. I'm still at that page every 7 days average.
I said last time that I thought the middle page seemed like it had more stitches, I was right, nearly 800 more stitches.
It's still 'fun' at the moment. I'm not stitching every day. The fussy stitching to get the shading to appear is still unusual. It would be very easy for me to get completely lost on the page.
I like watching the next page of stitching appear as the photos progress. It's like having a new piece of the puzzle suddenly pop into view each week.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six Pages Completed

Six pages completed. Six out of 35.
Six pages times seven days = 42 days. Today is the 42 day of the year.

I've been distracted by shiny things, and any excuse to avoid cleaning, and fixing things.
Guess it's also kept me from stitching. The next page will need to be finished in seven days and it sure seemed like there were extra stitches in that last page.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Five Pages Completed

Five pages completed. 5 of 35.
I'm still trying to keep up the pace of a page every 7 days, and amazingly I'm doing better than that. It's not going to last - 35 pages sure seems like a lot of pages.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four Pages Completed

Four Pages Completed. 4 of 35.
It was the first time that I've stitched in a complete length of thread, and then realized it was the wrong color, so I slowly backed out the thread, stitch by stitch. But then I had to wonder if it was just the last thread or the thread before that one also. Then you start to wonder how many times it happened that you didn't realize that it has happened. All those fussy little shadow lines are going to have me gritting my teeth by the end, but so far, it's just stitching as usual.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Three Pages Completed

Three pages completed. 3 of 35 pages.
The next page has the little guy walking up the stairs, and is the middle page of the bottom row.
It's easy to see all the fussy shading / shadow lines in the stitching now.
I was trying to stitch a page in 7 days, and I've finished 3 pages in 20 days, but I know I can't keep up this pace.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Pages Completed

Two pages completed. 2 of 35. It's going to take a while.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Page Done

Got the first page done. The bottom right corner. And I realize that all of the walls have shading, which you can see just a little of on the wall next to the plant. The good news is that the pattern only uses 8 shade of floss. 34 more pages, and I'll be finished.... lol...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something Different

Here are my new starts for the new year.
It's going really slowly so far.

The one on top is the new Blackbird Designs - Christmas Garden sampler pattern.
But I'm changing it, or going to try to change it, leaving off the words at the bottom, changing the colors of the floss. I'm hoping for a sampler that is just not so 'Christmas'. If I'm really wrong, I can always just stitch it again.

The one on the bottom is Eschers - Relativity. 35 pages. Something that I have to stitch exactly by the pattern, and I can't make changes as I'm stitching. The other ones have been about 15 pages, so this is a much bigger challenge for me.

I'm sure that the bottom one doesn't look the same as the last photo. It is the same piece of material as I was stitching the FEET on. Yep, cut off the edge that I had started that pattern, moved a few of the cross hatch threads, and I was ready to re-start stitching a completely different pattern. I didn't feel a bit guilty cutting it off, or throwing it away. I still like the design, but I'm not stitching it. EVER.

It was wonderful to read your comments about what your version of stitching feet was.
I'm sure that stitching fur would be bad. Then I had to laugh when I considered stitching furry feet....
I also have projects that I've started and had lots of years pass by without another stitch. Some of mine just need a few more stitches or back stitching, and every year I just ignore them for another year.