Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something Different

Here are my new starts for the new year.
It's going really slowly so far.

The one on top is the new Blackbird Designs - Christmas Garden sampler pattern.
But I'm changing it, or going to try to change it, leaving off the words at the bottom, changing the colors of the floss. I'm hoping for a sampler that is just not so 'Christmas'. If I'm really wrong, I can always just stitch it again.

The one on the bottom is Eschers - Relativity. 35 pages. Something that I have to stitch exactly by the pattern, and I can't make changes as I'm stitching. The other ones have been about 15 pages, so this is a much bigger challenge for me.

I'm sure that the bottom one doesn't look the same as the last photo. It is the same piece of material as I was stitching the FEET on. Yep, cut off the edge that I had started that pattern, moved a few of the cross hatch threads, and I was ready to re-start stitching a completely different pattern. I didn't feel a bit guilty cutting it off, or throwing it away. I still like the design, but I'm not stitching it. EVER.

It was wonderful to read your comments about what your version of stitching feet was.
I'm sure that stitching fur would be bad. Then I had to laugh when I considered stitching furry feet....
I also have projects that I've started and had lots of years pass by without another stitch. Some of mine just need a few more stitches or back stitching, and every year I just ignore them for another year.

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