Friday, March 16, 2012

Ten Pages Completed

Ten pages completed. 10 of 35.
Okay, that was even an inside page, not a border page, and I finished it in 5 days, and didn't even stop to take a photo. It just seemed like a good idea to just keep stitching, and see how much more I could get done last night. I was a stitching maniac, and I'm well into page 11, and it's not Saturday yet... ( a big area of black stitching helped - I'll admit it... )

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nine Pages Completed

Only one week to complete this page. Those middle pages all have more stitches, and it's just enough more that I can't get it done in 7 days. I enjoyed stitching this page, just because that window shelf ledge really pops out and becomes almost 3D.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eight Pages Completed

Eight Pages Completed. 8 out of 35.
That page took two weeks. I took an overall photo to show that I haven't made a dent in all of the stitches... Two months of stitching nothing else, and 8 pages completed. But it's not like I'm stitching every day either, so maybe this isn't too bad. It's still fun, and relaxing, and not teeth clenching so far. It just seems like there is just so far to go, and that I'd be lucky to finish even if this was the only thing I stitched all year long. I just haven't wrapped my head around a project that is twice the size of the biggest things I've ever stitched. Of course it will take longer.