Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Whole Month

I'm sure it's been a whole month without picking up a needle.

But I've picked up a lot of other things. I'm finally starting to see progress at cleaning up my parent's home. It's small progress, but it's an area of 'empty'.
I sold off my dad's old radio collection. The state has an old radio club, and they have an auction once a year, and were nice enough to include my dad's stuff in their sale. Selling it that way gave me a better chance at finding the best homes, and for getting the most money for what I had. I figured I'd be lucky to get $100 for it all as part of the estate auction - and I ended up getting $700 at the radio auction, and the radio club got $50 on top of that from the buyer's premium. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday- and to get rid of a few things, and those radios guys could not have been nicer to me.
This week we are having more metal hauled away, a small metal yard shed destroyed, and the extra appliances removed. The working ones won't sell for much, and the other half don't work. So if he's hauling some, he might as well haul them all. Our current scrap metal pile is about the size of a full sized truck. And we are still adding to the pile.
But things are starting to change. There is always still something to do.

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