Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Only Time Will Tell

Haven't been stitching.
I haven't given up hope of stitching again - just been doing other things.

Okay - I fell into the Kindle propaganda.  A friend loved her original Kindle - and my words were - why would anybody want to read an electronic book?  But I got a Kindle Touch - and then the Kindle Keyboard - and then the Kindle Fires - well, actually three Kindle Fires so I can keep playing while another one is recharging.  Do I read on them? - nope - not yet anyway.  I am reading one book now on the keyboard version.  It has been a terrible distraction for me - and yes I ordered the next bigger version that comes out around Thanksgiving.  We are calling it 'shiny object syndrome'.  I am totally distracted by shiny objects.

I never had a cell phone.  Actually most anybody that would have called me is dead. 
I wanted to keep my parents phone number and transferring it to a cell phone for a year seemed easy.
So I got a cheap $35 cell phone.  My car has that cell phone thing and I liked the number and I was going to let that plan expire - so I got a second cell phone and put the car phone number on it.  Then I decided that I really liked using it as an mp3 player - but I didn't want to be dialing anybody accidentally - so I got a third one just to use as an mp3 player with headphones.  And because I wanted the date correct I added a basic card of minutes.  Cell phone #3.  And I still have the house land line because I am not actually used to using a cell phone.  I did finally use it yesterday to call ahead for pizza - and I am sure that was exactly what they were designed to do.  That was my second round of 'shiny object' fever.
But I really do love the sound of it as an mp3 player - and it knows the time and date, and has a camera, - and can call for a pizza.  That is a great mp3 player for $35.  4 GB.  Great sound using headphones.

I know these shiny things may seem like a huge expense.  But I don't buy much of anything.  Nothing girly.
I don't go out to eat other than places with a dollar menu.  If I find something I like - I do usually buy several.
I have not bought any kindle books and spent $3 total for apps.  Other than the time I spent organizing with a friend - I am on my own.  This comes mostly from working with men for years.  I am an only child -spending time alone doesn't bother me - but finding something that will make me smile or happy and will last a while is my entertainment.

A friend has been helping me clean things at my parents trying to get organized for an auction.
We have been doing that for more than a year now.  I finally decided to just set a date for the auction and get it over with.  Turns out he is full through December.  I am not doing a winter auction -so now everything has shifted 6 months till spring.  We were still tossing 500 pounds each week the last two weeks in scrap metals.

The friend is the person that started me on Kindles, and cell phones, and Roku, and Netflix.
I don't have cable - but Netflix seems like the $8 version of cable, and I watch lots of older things.
Eventually I had to make her stop mentioning things, especially shiny things.  I was just too open to suggestions.  I told her she could never talk about wanting a pony.  Never.
I am sure part of it was because most of my exposure to others was just her.  She would say that she would wake up worried about the auction and the stress.  I wasn't - I knew I wouldn't panic till I set the sale date.
That would create a deadline - then I could panic.  But within days of her saying she was waking up - I started waking up.  It wasn't the only thing that way.
She is a housewife mother well rounded woman.  I am the woman that isn't very girly, but know my way around tools.  We had to get the septic system examined to sell the house.  And they had to replace part of it, and dig part of it up beyond normal.  Getting her to look was pretty funny.  But she has learned to chainsaw limbs.  I sent her off to try the new working weed trimmer - she didn't have a clue.  She always either had a husband or brothers that did the yard stuff.  She never went to the metal recycling place before.
She is learning.  Together we can cover most things, so we make a good combination.
But it has to be exhausting to work with me during what is still a stressful time for me.  It all still rests on my shoulders, and I know I don't have all the answers either.
But she has vowed to help me to the end and get through it.  I think she is crazy.
She's doing it for nothing.  The scrap metal we sell - I split the money with her to help us both with gas money.  I have always felt like it was sometimes easier to organize somebody else's things than your own.
I still feel that way.  It has been a crazy year, and now it is going to drag out another six month, then I can get the house ready to sell.  I have never understood how people do this in a very short time after death.
I understand why they have to - and I understand that if you have enough family members, then they argue about this and that - I don't have any of that - but trying to do it all by myself would have been just totally impossible.

But I am trying to organize my house to have room to bring a few things home from my parents.
I can't make 1000 decisions there about things, and come home and do it again trying to clean up messes at my house.  My head explodes if I try that.
But now there will be six months to sort and get into the paperwork more - and it could take six months to organize my own home better.

But I think it will be winter before I really have time to stitch again.  I do miss it.
I know at some point I will get my life back again - and this week finding out that an auction will be delayed felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me again.  But every time something has seemed to go wrong, in the end it has always worked out better in the end.  I have no reason to expect that this won't be the same.  Only time will tell.