Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maybe it's always the little things...

It's always something little to mess up what should be just something easy...

I am still messing around with e-readers.  Got the newest Kindle 8.9 and have been messing with the Nook HD+ together.  They each seem to have their own little irritating quirks, but I'm sure people would say the same thing about me.  It breaks down to say that as a reader, they are slightly different in the way they split a page.  I am reading the same book on both versions, and switching back and forth.  As readers, they are both just fine.  The side features are what I find frustrating in the way they work, but I keep reminding myself - I got them to read with....  I got them to read with...  that part works great with no complaints on either model.  If I had to buy a third - it would be a toss up which one I would buy again.  I still want to side with the Nook just for the memory capacity alone - but again - each one is frustrating in different ways, and great in different ways.  Enough about e-readers.

And it seems like I have been stashing away books to read like a squirrel storing nuts for winter.  I don't have a wide author base of knowledge so I read reviews, and book reviews, and best seller list reviews, and book contest award winner reviews...  and I have visited the bookstore, and the library, and the 1/2 price bookstores...  and I am nearing the point of enough.  One book always seems to lead to the next book, or finding something else interesting...
I found a new book at the library.  It is about a 1970 murder case.  I couldn't read the book in 7 days.  New books had to be returned in 7 days.  So I pop up on the list again - next time it isn't a 'new' book, now I get three weeks.  Still too much pressure.  I read enough to make sure I want to just buy the book. 
So I buy the ebook $15.  Then I pass thru the local store books and find another book I'd been interested in.
Buy that book $20.  And while buying that one, another one catches my eye for next time...
Oh, this is NOT good.  It sure seems like I could go down a really slippery slope if this keeps up...
So that fancy $20 book is going to be the end till I get the other books I keep socking away read.

I did buy new jeans.  The holes in the butt were not bad enough to bother me, but I do sometimes go with somebody else, and I'm sure she would not rather have to admit to being with the woman with holes in her jeans.  The jeans were on sale.  

And I am waiting to get the new dishwasher - I ordered one that they don't keep in stock.  It had a rebate for the cost of installation.  I think the old one got zapped with a power cut while it was running.  One of those off and back on power jolt bumps.  I'm just happy to get free installation.

My ex phone company sent me a bill saying they owed me 9 cents.  I'm sure it cost them more than that to print the statement and mail it.  Then I got a check in the mail for 9 cents.
I cashed it.  The bank said they had cashed lots of checks for 8 cents so I wasn't the only one.
I was the only 9 cent one so far.

My new home phone has been very quiet until today.  I've had the service for nearly a month.  New random number.  Today I get a woman calling and asking for April.  Nope, you have the wrong number.

But I am not an idiot.  I know it was probably somebody else's number before me.  So I was going to ask what number she was calling - but she hung up.  So I am expecting her to call me right back again.  Nope.
1/2 hour later, the phone rings, and it is her again, I recognize the voice.

April - where are you, you had better be on your way to this court hearing, and why should I do anything to keep them from issuing a warrant for your arrest... and you had better have an explanation for why you are not here... what are you thinking???

All I had said was - hello... - so I let her rant and did not interrupt and I got an earful of what was probably Aprils lawyer or court appointed attorney...

When she finally did stop yelling I said - First of all - you called here before, I am still not April.
But I haven't had this number long- what number are you calling?  Yes, I am that number, but I am not April, and from what you just said, I am really glad to not be April.  But really, no matter how many times you call me, I'm still never going to be April.  She was sort of nice about it.  I wished her luck on finding April... she said she had another number she could try.  I was satisfied that she was satisfied that I wasn't April.

And an hour later the phone rings again.  It's a guy now - bet you can guess who he's asking for.  No, you have the wrong number.  He just slams the phone.  I'm sure he was with part of the legal team or the judge, but I'm still not April.

I just added phone cards yesterday to prepay for the phone - so I think I am stuck with this number till.....
APRIL 2013...  pretty funny.

Did get four windows sealed up for winter.  The plastic is so thin, I wonder if it will last all winter.  I keep hoping to maybe move after next year.  I've lived here since 1982.  I am ready for a change.  Something sort of the same, but with an easier yard to take care of.  My backyard is so steep, you can't mow it and have to weed whip it, and there are groundhogs, so you had better be ready to run away while standing on the hill.
I've never had one charge at me, but they have babies, so you never know.  And there is just no where to run to get away.  They dig holes under the garage because there is a void under the garage.  So for 30 years, they dig a hole, and then I mix cement and fill in the hole.  You would think in 30 years I would have filled in all the way around that garage twice.  Nope.  There was such a void that one year I had it mudjacked.
Mudjacking is the guy goes inside the garage and drill several holes, and then pumps in a slurry to fill the void under the garage.
I have a 2 1/2 stall garage, and the guy pumped in everything he had brought with him which should have been more than enough.  I could see the concrete floor shifting so I knew he had lots under it, even if it wasn't totally full.  The guy said when they started to drill the holes in the cement inside the garage that it looked like Noahs Ark was trying to escape from under the garage.  I left the holes before the guy came so I could see the slurry, and so the animals could escape. 

And the house is just old enough that it needs more energy than I have to give it.  But at the moment, I still have my parents house to sell, and I can't do that without having the auction.  Paying taxes on two houses is enough.  I am not adding a third, and then having three yards to take care of till two houses sell. 
Nope, one thing at a time.  Auction, sell the house, then look for my next house.

I had a dream that my dad came back from the dead.  He'd been dead, he was back.
And most of the work we have done at my parents has been cleaning out the stuff he had packed way.  Some things we tossed, be emptied two small sheds, and sorted, and gave away wood and recycled tons of metal.  In my dream, my dad was back and mad.  Mostly because we had rearranged things getting ready for an auction that he couldn't find anything anymore, and he didn't know what we'd gotten rid of.
In the dream my friend says that we should still do that auction, because he will be able to cope better with less things.  I say - not my stuff, it's his stuff. He's back - it's not my concern anymore.
And I had to give back my inheritance money because he was alive again, so I was broke, and nearly homeless.  And I knew he was mad that we had gotten rid of his stuff, so I knew when he died again, I wasn't getting the inheritance money back again...

It was a strange but very vivid dream.  I had a dream before about my mother dying, but she was back again.  She was still sick and I knew she had died, but now I was going to have to help her die again.
Sort of the same with my dad, I knew he was going to die again at some point.  And that I would have to deal with it all over again.  These dreams are very weird because even in them, they don't make sense.  My mother was cremated.  Pretty tough to get back into a sickly body again once you've been cremated.
I think it's knowing that I'm going to have to watch them die again that is the nightmare for me.
Hard enough to do once, but when you have to repeat it over and over...

So I really didn't want to move into my parents house, and I think just starting over in a new house might be a healthy change for me.  So only one more winter, but probably two.

My guy friend just bought a different house.  He's lived in the same place for 30 years too. Single guy, no kids.  I told him I was going to take notes on how he does it, so I will know.  He looked at three houses and bought the third.  Less than three days.  After 30 years.  He went from a tiny one bedroom to four bedrooms.  He had white carpeting in the living room, and the nearly new home he bought has the same white carpeting in the living room.  He said it felt like home, which is the way he felt 30 years ago, so he bought it. 
He had said he was never going to move.  Then he was sick, it was a crazy story.  He was bit by a neighbors dog while the neighbor was there saying the dog won't bite.  So he went to the ER.  They gave him something to kill the possible infection.  Whatever they gave him killed off all the bacteria that you have in your intestinal track.  That's not good.  So then he really got sick.  They tried to get the good bacteria that you need in your gut back - and it took months.  It all gave him a different outlook about taking care of a home with a few challenges, and thinking that he didn't want to deal with it as he got older either.
So he is very happy in his new home, and has to sell his old house yet, and is in sort of the same situation as I am.  And I am watching to see what I will need to do and learning.  He is feeling better now, finally, and was still trying to get the guy to pay for the dog bite medical bills still six months later. 

Maybe that is what creates change for people like him and I.  One small thing that just suddenly seems to change everything else.  And so we then shift everything and start over. 
But I do find it interesting that we have both sort of hit that same point at the same age, even though it is due to different circumstances. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Put the e-reader down.......

Still out here, but not stitching.
I have not learned how to sit the Kindle down and walk away.

Been waiting for the next one to come out next week.  But I was also eyeing the newest Nook because it came out last week.  I was reading the propaganda for the new Nook.  Then I stopped at the book store to see one.  The new Kindle is supposed to be the same size within fractions of an inch.

Can I just cut to the end of the story and say I now own the newest Nook...
Yep, and it is a pretty fun little shiny thing too.  And on Monday, my next Kindle will be delivered.

But I am done...  no more - ....  that is enough.

And if you were considering why did I get the Nook?   Memory alone is a huge selling point.
Kindle comes 16GB $299, 32GB $369, 64GB $599.
Nook comes 16GB $269, 32GB $299.  and it has a memory card slot up to 32GB Card.
A 32GB card is about $20 if you shop.  So for $320, Nook can have 64GB that Kindle wants $599.

To be fair, that $599 model also does other things the Nook will not do, but for pure memory, the Nook wins.  Nook seems to offer a free book on Fridays, Kindle offers a free app daily.
They do some things the same, but they do enough things slightly different that it makes sense to me.

But really- this is it.  I can't picture what they could add next year that would make me want to upgrade again.  If the screen was bigger I think it would be uncomfortable reading. 
I have holes in my jeans, but great ereaders.

And as I have said before-  I don't have cable - I even got rid of my landline phone, and switched to a house phone box that uses the regular house phones and is $15 a month with unlimited calls, and unlimited long distance, and no contract.  I don't eat out at places without a drive thru.  Netflix and internet is the entertainment.  Paid $100 for the year cell phone card, and will never use that many minute up in a year, so under $9 a month for a cell phone.  These e-readers are my shiny objects for the next year at least.
I still have tube tvs, and I am just fine with that.

And the dishwasher decided to go into a never ending cycle - so it will get replaced yet this month.
But that is the way it always goes - spend some mad money, then something else breaks.

Still need to seal up the windows for winter - always stuff to do...
If I could just learn to put the kindle down...
But at the moment, they will both be new and shiny and hard to put down.