Saturday, November 17, 2012

Put the e-reader down.......

Still out here, but not stitching.
I have not learned how to sit the Kindle down and walk away.

Been waiting for the next one to come out next week.  But I was also eyeing the newest Nook because it came out last week.  I was reading the propaganda for the new Nook.  Then I stopped at the book store to see one.  The new Kindle is supposed to be the same size within fractions of an inch.

Can I just cut to the end of the story and say I now own the newest Nook...
Yep, and it is a pretty fun little shiny thing too.  And on Monday, my next Kindle will be delivered.

But I am done...  no more - ....  that is enough.

And if you were considering why did I get the Nook?   Memory alone is a huge selling point.
Kindle comes 16GB $299, 32GB $369, 64GB $599.
Nook comes 16GB $269, 32GB $299.  and it has a memory card slot up to 32GB Card.
A 32GB card is about $20 if you shop.  So for $320, Nook can have 64GB that Kindle wants $599.

To be fair, that $599 model also does other things the Nook will not do, but for pure memory, the Nook wins.  Nook seems to offer a free book on Fridays, Kindle offers a free app daily.
They do some things the same, but they do enough things slightly different that it makes sense to me.

But really- this is it.  I can't picture what they could add next year that would make me want to upgrade again.  If the screen was bigger I think it would be uncomfortable reading. 
I have holes in my jeans, but great ereaders.

And as I have said before-  I don't have cable - I even got rid of my landline phone, and switched to a house phone box that uses the regular house phones and is $15 a month with unlimited calls, and unlimited long distance, and no contract.  I don't eat out at places without a drive thru.  Netflix and internet is the entertainment.  Paid $100 for the year cell phone card, and will never use that many minute up in a year, so under $9 a month for a cell phone.  These e-readers are my shiny objects for the next year at least.
I still have tube tvs, and I am just fine with that.

And the dishwasher decided to go into a never ending cycle - so it will get replaced yet this month.
But that is the way it always goes - spend some mad money, then something else breaks.

Still need to seal up the windows for winter - always stuff to do...
If I could just learn to put the kindle down...
But at the moment, they will both be new and shiny and hard to put down.

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