Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ending the Year...

If I had to name this year for me - it would be -The year of the E-Readers...
I will end the year saying - I bought yet another Nook...
I think I fell into the Christmas trap, and felt a little lonely knowing that I didn't have anybody to buy for, and nobody was going to buy for me.  Which I am fine with, don't get me wrong.  It is really interesting to watch people lose their minds during the holidays.

I did a good deed and paid for a friends electric bill for a couple months again.  She's 85 and has a husband that she visits daily in the care center, he has Alzheimer's and no longer knows who she is.  But he does seem to know she comes everyday to have lunch with him.  They have been married for over 60 years, and he doesn't know her anymore.  She was not a rich woman to start with, and at $6600 a month for the care center - yes - $220 a day... - she will be dirt poor at some point.  I have no clue how she manages, but she is a huge inspiration to me.  If I am feeling bad about anything, I go visit her, and she will start to tell me her problems and his issues, and it straightens my attitude right out.  Because whatever I thought was crashing my world is nothing compared to her world.  And if doing the right thing for her husband wasn't enough, this year her older sister went round the bend, and ended up in a care center with her husband, and now also expects my friend to run and get things for her too.  These women both have children, and grand children that just seem to ignore it all.  So I paid her electric bill last summer for three months, and now for a couple more months.  I could donate to a charity, but this really just makes more sense to me.

Ending the year with my new dishwasher installed.
Happy, healthy, no complaints.
Like everyone, not every thing got taken care of that should have.  But nothing fell apart either.

They finally caught up with a neighborhood meth dealer - he was making meth, and it exploded severely burning him and a buddy.  Blew the siding off of the ends of the garage at 3 am.  They raided his former home, and the new owners of his former home don't even get an explaination of who they are looking for, they just raid his last known address.  Because the cops don't ask the neighbors where he is, and meth guys don't update their drivers license addresses... and don't update their addresses with the parole office either...  so he has been in the local hospital with burns since this happened 3 weeks ago, and as soon as he is released, will go directly to jail.
So if you just happen to buy your next home from the parents of a doper, be prepared to be raided at 3 am.
You just never know.

I did finally start stitching again - well I started to crochet again.  I started that table topper when my mother started chemo, and I am now past the end of the pattern design area.  I just needed to do the chain 9 loops to use up the rest of the ball of thread.  My gauge was goofy from not stitching so I after I stitched a couple of rounds, which take me an entire day to make one round now...  I tore out what I had stitched plus a couple more rounds and started again.  This time I am much more even, but I am not yet back to the point that I ripped back from.  It just feels like a project that needs to be finished.  It is still tied to my mother in my head, and I need to finish it.  The ball of thread is now the size of a standard crochet ball, but just chaining loops doesn't seem to use it up very fast.  But that is my goal.

So this is how the year ends for me.
I baked some pumpkin pies, dipped some pretzels in almond bark, and a roast is in the oven.
My feet are warm, and the electricity is on.
It's all good.

Hope you can say the same...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jingle all the way...

Tracked the Kindle during shipping all the way to my friends house... it was entertaining, but exhausting...
Will it be delivered today - will it be delivered tomorrow, no! it's out for delivery today!!!
She got stuck ordering a cover, so today I sent her a gift card for the cost of the cover.  For some reason, those e-readers just don't feel right without a cover.  But she got to pick out the one she wanted, rather than me picking something - so in the end it works out well, and she got the cover she would have normally picked out for herself.  It arrived safely, and most important, worked.

Meanwhile, this week, my slippers bit the dust.  They were threadbare on the bottom and leaking stuffing.
I used to buy those stuffed animal / character slippers at the big box store.  And they would last a year or two.  They could look like bear feet, or a muppet, or a wolf...
And if I saw them on sale, I'd pick up an extra pair to stash away.  Then the box store didn't have them anymore...  and I was using my last stashed pair...  So I pitched the ones leaving a trail of stuffing, and started looking.  Warmth is the key, I don't care how silly.  Nobody else is going to see them.  So I shopped and found some at another box store, but I had to go out of town to get them.  So I went, the weather is good.  I can't find them so I ask - she pages the whole store saying---  has anybody seen red and white elf slippers, you know, with pointy toes...????  and a scratchy voice comes back saying - by the checkouts...
So I go look, and it takes me a while to finally see them hanging on the wall, but they do have them.
So I grab a few pairs, and take them back to try them on - and naturally, I am half right, so I put some back and get others...  and I buy four pairs, two elf sets, and two reindeer sets complete with antlers...  and they are a good deal.  Buy one, get one free.  So before I can leave, since they still have two more pairs of elf slippers in my size, I buy those too. 
I clean them out of slippers in my size.  I am set for slippers for six years...
And today I have pointy elf toes...  and my feet are really warm, and I am so happy.

And life is good if your feet are warm.
( and part of me really wants to put bells on them so I jingle when I walk... )
I am pretty sure that if you jingle when you walk, and your feet are warm, it would be hard not to smile.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cook, Fix, Clean, Organize, Repeat....

It was less than 3 weeks before I had to replace the new Nook HD+.
It was still working fine, but the front bezel that covers the screen was coming unstuck about 2.5 inches near the power button.  I got an official Nook cover, and it started to pop off about two days later.
It is only 'sticky' stuck to the screen.  And with the cover holding the corners tightly, then there was just enough pressure there to pop it away from the screen.  Since I got it at Barnes and Noble, they were very nice about just trading me for a new one in the box again.  Haven't had the replacement very long, but so far, so good. 

Got the woman that is helping me sort out my parents house a fancy new Kindle.  Been looking to get her something for helping me, and tolerating the craziness, and what she needed is a stove.  Picking out a stove for a woman that likes to cook would be wrong.  I am sure she knows what she wants, and it is hard to just show up with a new stove and say - Surprise!.  Funny idea to do, but she'd be stuck for a long time with something she really didn't like.  So since she started me on all of this e-reader stuff, when they went on sale this week, getting her the latest version seemed perfect, and getting it now lets her snuggle up and read this winter.
And it was sort of a bonus to just have it sent directly to her house, and send her an email saying - Surprise, it's on the way...!

And last night my stitching was begging me to start stitching again.  Need to change the furniture back around to get it away from the heating vents, then I will be back to stitching again.  One day of furniture moving chaos.  And then a few hours of which cheater glasses work best to stitch with again.

The store has my dishwasher now, but the installer would have had to squeeze me in and had 12 other things to do today, so I said I could wait till next week.  If the weather is bad then, I won't even mind, since the guy is from out of town, I'd rather see him get home safely, than to get the dishwasher installed, but then he has an accident trying to get home right before the holidays. 

Stopped Netflix for now.  I had caught up on the shows and couple of movies I wanted to see.
I did watch 'Poldark'.  My mom watched it, but I never saw it.  When it came out on vhs, she wanted to buy it, but the set was expensive.  She asked if I would pay half.  I was working, but it was probably $100 towards a show that I had never seen.  If she wanted it, she could have afforded to buy it.  She didn't.
So years passed, and when it was on Netflix, it seemed like I should watch it.  I watched the first episode a couple times, and just could not get into it.  But I finally decided that I was supposed to watch it, and the dvds were on sale, but I could just watch it on Netflix and not have to buy it.
So I watched it, and after a few episodes, I could understand why so many women loved the series.
So then, because usually I am mostly listening and doing something else, I really did want to watch the stuff that I was missing, so I ordered the series on dvd because it was so cheap now.  And I have the rest of the series on e-books, and even a couple of those books on audio.  So now I am a fan.  Now I finally understand.

And now I can add Poldark to Upstairs, Downstairs, and Dark Shadows...  All shows that I watched years after everyone else saw them.

I am trying to cook more, but there must be something that I don't do right.  By the time I cut it all up and get it into the oven, and it cooks for hours, then there is no way that I would have time to do this for more than one meal a day.  Making scalloped potatoes is a production.  I buy 5 pounds of potatoes, 3 pounds of onions, and mix it all into the one bowl and bake.  I have one baking dish that is the perfect size for this amount, and if I buy 10 pounds of potatoes, I bake the same thing two days in a row.  It freezes well.
But by the time I do this, I can't imagine trying to feed kids first, then make potatoes, then feed kids again at lunch, and the feed them again - hopefully with potatoes for supper.  This cooking stuff would just be never ending, and I would never have time to do ANYTHING else...  So I can't figure out if I am the worlds slowest potato peeler.  Or just really disorganized while cooking.  I make pumpkin pies, and doubling that recipe becomes an all day bake off too.  There must be a trick that I never learned.  I know women make several meals a day, and I have trouble getting past just one meal a day.

I don't mind cooking - and the dishwasher is still usable enough to get me by, but at the rate I cook, my kids would have starved waiting for it to finish cooking.  My ex husband commented about not cooking much, and when he worked at a bakery, he seemed surprise that I knew about proofing bread.  I said - Sure I knew, I used to make bread, I even sent a bread to the local county fair and WON...
Of course, I'd never made him bread, so why would he know that I could make bread.
I like cooking, it is just that everything takes me all day to cook.  And I can't quite figure out why.
I do the first round of dishes while it goes into the oven... but in the end there is always a second round of dishes.  Maybe I am a slow dishwasher.  I just can't figure out how to cook more than one major item in a day.

Off to do more laundry and house cleaning.  I do try to do that while stuff is in the oven.
At least it smells good.