Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ending the Year...

If I had to name this year for me - it would be -The year of the E-Readers...
I will end the year saying - I bought yet another Nook...
I think I fell into the Christmas trap, and felt a little lonely knowing that I didn't have anybody to buy for, and nobody was going to buy for me.  Which I am fine with, don't get me wrong.  It is really interesting to watch people lose their minds during the holidays.

I did a good deed and paid for a friends electric bill for a couple months again.  She's 85 and has a husband that she visits daily in the care center, he has Alzheimer's and no longer knows who she is.  But he does seem to know she comes everyday to have lunch with him.  They have been married for over 60 years, and he doesn't know her anymore.  She was not a rich woman to start with, and at $6600 a month for the care center - yes - $220 a day... - she will be dirt poor at some point.  I have no clue how she manages, but she is a huge inspiration to me.  If I am feeling bad about anything, I go visit her, and she will start to tell me her problems and his issues, and it straightens my attitude right out.  Because whatever I thought was crashing my world is nothing compared to her world.  And if doing the right thing for her husband wasn't enough, this year her older sister went round the bend, and ended up in a care center with her husband, and now also expects my friend to run and get things for her too.  These women both have children, and grand children that just seem to ignore it all.  So I paid her electric bill last summer for three months, and now for a couple more months.  I could donate to a charity, but this really just makes more sense to me.

Ending the year with my new dishwasher installed.
Happy, healthy, no complaints.
Like everyone, not every thing got taken care of that should have.  But nothing fell apart either.

They finally caught up with a neighborhood meth dealer - he was making meth, and it exploded severely burning him and a buddy.  Blew the siding off of the ends of the garage at 3 am.  They raided his former home, and the new owners of his former home don't even get an explaination of who they are looking for, they just raid his last known address.  Because the cops don't ask the neighbors where he is, and meth guys don't update their drivers license addresses... and don't update their addresses with the parole office either...  so he has been in the local hospital with burns since this happened 3 weeks ago, and as soon as he is released, will go directly to jail.
So if you just happen to buy your next home from the parents of a doper, be prepared to be raided at 3 am.
You just never know.

I did finally start stitching again - well I started to crochet again.  I started that table topper when my mother started chemo, and I am now past the end of the pattern design area.  I just needed to do the chain 9 loops to use up the rest of the ball of thread.  My gauge was goofy from not stitching so I after I stitched a couple of rounds, which take me an entire day to make one round now...  I tore out what I had stitched plus a couple more rounds and started again.  This time I am much more even, but I am not yet back to the point that I ripped back from.  It just feels like a project that needs to be finished.  It is still tied to my mother in my head, and I need to finish it.  The ball of thread is now the size of a standard crochet ball, but just chaining loops doesn't seem to use it up very fast.  But that is my goal.

So this is how the year ends for me.
I baked some pumpkin pies, dipped some pretzels in almond bark, and a roast is in the oven.
My feet are warm, and the electricity is on.
It's all good.

Hope you can say the same...

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Karen said...

Hope you have a wonderful new year! Your act of kindness will be returned to twofold also.

happy reading....