Wednesday, January 16, 2013

11 Days

11 days...  if you order a dvd from Amazon UK, it takes 11 days to get here if it is send by Royal Mail.  Two seperate orders mailed a day apart arrived a day apart.  They suggest 7 days, but it was 11.  Arrived just fine, not crushed or anything.

My order from last Thursday arrived Monday.  Was watching the Cracker series and needed series three, so it was available - like new - for $6.34 including free shipping.  Paying $19 for it new was the other option.  So I tried - like new - and it was like new.  The tri-folding packaging still crackles when you open it.  I am betting that you can't count on a great used version, but that was what I got.

It has been an odd week.  I only have about 4 people that talk to regularly.  My kindle buddy that is the woman helpping me clean out my parents house.  She also house cleans for an old man and another old couple.  The husband in the couple died this week on Monday.

Wrote my other male friend - we went to high school together.  His uncle died Monday so he was making plans to go to that funeral.

Okay, those are the closest people to me.  They say things happen in threes.  Now the only other people I talk to start running through my mind.  My mothers neighbors, and my mothers friend with the husband in the care center.  That is my circle of people close to me.    So I was reading the obits last night and one of them is for the brother-in-law of the woman with the husband in the care center.  He died Sunday.

There is the three.  That is creepy.  If you know lots of people, to know 3 people attending funerals at any point in time is not unusual.  If you only are close to four people, to have this is weird.

And actually I talked to the fourth guy, my moms neighbor on Saturday.  Just local gossip and one of those stories was about a guy he knew whose wife had just died.  He said his friend was the second husband and the kids were burying her in a plot with the first husband, their dad.  The surviving husband was so mad he would not go to the graveside services.  But the guys former co-worker friends still had to go to the graveside services because they were the pall bearers.  You really just can't make stuff like that up.

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