Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've moved....

According to my mail person - I've moved.  I've moved and left no forwarding address.

Except that I haven't.

But that is what he told the package that I was expecting to get from Amazon UK.  Return to sender.
She's moved and left no forwarding address.

Now why does he suspect I've moved???  Well, there is a FOR SALE sign at the end of my street.
I live on a dead end - I am the last house - except there is a vacant wooded lot next to me.  It is FOR SALE and has been for more than 3 years.  If there was a sign in my yard - I'd understand - it is not in my yard - it is at the direct end of the street.

Okay - it snowed - I don't have to be anywhere - I didn't shovel the driveway.  I don't have to be anywhere - I plan ahead to not go anywhere.  I assumed old and retired people didn't shovel immediately, and other than the sidewalk - didn't really think I had to either.  There were my tracks going to and from the mailbox.

I didn't take out the garbage or recycling the day it snowed.  I try to be nice and not make the garbage guys mess with 1/2 a container on an icy day.  It is just me,  I don't really have much garbage or recycling.  So there were no garbage container wheel tracks in the snow...

But if you suspected or were going to declare that somebody no longer lived there - wouldn't you go knock on the door?  Would you at least leave a note or form with the mail saying - hey, we have a package for you, but don't want to leave it if you are no longer here???  Why would you keep delivering regular mail including tax bank statements???

The best part was that the mail truck is noisy - even in winter with the windows closed - I can hear him before he gets to my house.  So for the last two days, I have been standing in the house doorway watching him.  He never even looked up at me watching him.

But I have moved and not left any forwarding address...  yet he still delivers my mail.

So tonight at 8 pm - and 11 below wind chill - I got the snow off of the driveway -
I guess I will have to go to the post office tomorrow and see if I can find my package which has probably already been sent back to the UK.

I wrote him a letter - and will leave it in the mailbox. 
Mostly it said what I have said here - I HAVE NOT MOVED -

The woman that has been the carrier recently - was just fine with delivering my packages.  Takes a man to screw it all up for absolutely no reason. 

I asked for an apology, and an explanation.

I am betting I don't get either - or that any future packages will be dropped repeatedly before I ever get them. 


The upside is that I have gone back to stitching Escher again - the one I was working on before.  Got almost a full page done - and will take a photo in the next day or so.  It has been so nice stitching again.
And I have enjoyed watching the British shows that I ordered and got.  But getting the rest of them seems like it will take a miracle.

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